jokers at excelsior trying to get my cash again

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  1. i just go my bill for my graduation fee and it was for $210, i was surprised because initially i thought it was going to be $250. Once i reviewed the itemized statement attached to it at had an optional $35 added to it as a gift to the college, They did this to me last time with my AAS. I did not think they would try this again. has anyone actually paid for this gift? I can't see any reason why you would considering you are paying them $170 to print up a diploma.
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    It's like how dealerships try to sneak-in paint sealant when buying a new car; don't fall for it.
  3. Randell1234

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    Don't fall for that! Send me the money instead :eek:
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    And I'm thinking they would have gotten more money if they just made the optional gift for $5 or $10.
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    Excelsior sent my daughter a bill for continued enrollment and late fee. Interesting since they never directed her to what credits were needed and what they would accept. She had since decided to not enroll and thought it was done. The bill was send to an address 2 years old and just arrived with a late fee. She never enrolled in any classes. I found it pretty odd. Hille
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    Oh yeah.......EC's billing department is wildly screwed up.
    They kept charging me (even to this day) for a second graduate course I never took right after I graduated with my B.S. Right then I took one graduate writing theory course, and enrolled in another, but the next day I dropped the 2nd graduate course because I enrolled in Montana State University. But they could not get that dropped course right......even on their own billing accounts summary page, it shows where they dropped it, then added it, then dropped it again, then added it back once again, then re-dropped it and the credited it, and then re-added it back to the account for a final time. All this over a 9-11 month period, during this process I had already withdrew from the college as a graduate student - and then I was assessed fees for late and non-payment of that course, and for continued graduate fees.

    The ironic part is.......I mysteriously recieved a 250.00 grant award that paid for miscellaneous fees that were not paid (that I never applied for)....but the clowns over at EC turned me over to a collections agency for a 1000.00 bill of graduate courses that I never took...which was back in 2005.
    I have fought and fought with them round and round....and now have suspended my rights to order transcripts from EC.
    I have since recently consulted an attorney to assist in trying to fix the matter.
  7. Get this, today my wife answers the phone and it is excelsior college, it is their finical aid department and something is wrong with my aid. I freak out because my grad date is the 18th of April, 2 days from now! I call them up and they said there is something wrong with my study plan and i have to fix it today if I want to get any finical aid, well i never got any aid, I applied like 6 months ago but never heard anything about. i told them was already done and they sounded like they knew they really pissed me off. anyways nothing was ever wrong they were just sloppy.

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