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  1. I have again submitted a request to take the final on the course that CCHS hassled me so much about. I fully expect them to find some asinine reason to disallow my sitting for the exam even though I have paid for the course in full, completed everthing required, secured a proctor meeting their standards, etc. How were you able to convince them to allow you to sit for the test. Since I paid all this money and did the work, I want to wrap things up so I can at least get 3 units out of the whole mess. I have no idea why they were so shitty at this school. Should they refuse the exam, my only other option is taking them to small claims court to recoup my tuition, but I would receive no compensation for the work already done. DETC has not responded to my complaint against CCHS, so I don't have that option. I really hate this school.
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    I don't know what to tell you. I don't know all the details of your experience with CCHS.

    What I do know is that if a student passes all the unit exams (at least a 90), completes all course papers, and submits a request for the course final (via Internet or snail mail) to be scheduled no sooner than 30 days from the date of the request, the final is mailed to the proctor.

    I have two courses to go and have yet to have any problems with any finals being sent to my proctor.

    You really need to call your enrollment advisor.

    You can schedule your final online here.

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    When I complained to DETC about CCHS, they sent me a letter telling me that CCHS had been accredited in good standing for quite a few years and they were a great college with a good reputation. I am not sure how great a college can be when one instructor was teaching most of the graduate courses and another part timer was teaching some of them and both with master's degrees.
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    Hi Sympatheticear - Please PM me your contact information. I would like to try and intervene on your behalf and can't really even confirm any details unless I can at least use your name.

    Mary A
    Aspen University
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    Isn't there an issue of confidentiality here?

    If CCHS speaks to you about an enrolled student there are some major ethical issues that need to be looked into!
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    Hi Jimmy - not CCHS - DETC. Sympatheticear has said he/she complained to DETC and did not get a response. That is where I want to intervene. I have asked DETC to check their records and so far no complaints that resemble what has been shared on this board by sympathetic ear have emerged. If I have a name I can sort this out faster.

    To that end, if no complaint has been formally made to the DETC, sympatheticear and anyone else who has an issue with a DETC school should send their complaint to Adriene Crossland at [email protected] to get into DETC's formal complaint channels.

    Thanks for asking for clarification. I should have made that clear in my request.

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    Thanks for the clarification, Mary. I feel much better now.

    If Sympatheticear will call 1-800-774-7616, select Option 3, and ask for Sue, he/she (sorry) should receive satisfactory results.

  8. I will forward copy of email sent to DETC

    Thanks for the info. I will PM a copy of my email to DETC.

    Jimmy, Thanks for your response. I have 98% in the class that I want to take final. I haven't heard whether or not there will be a delay this time. IMHO, when schools hassle "A" students, there is something wrong with the program. I'm starting a new master's program from a RA school.
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    Getting close

    I am now down to one course and the final project (capstone).

    I don't think I will finish by May.

    I will finish sometime in June for sure.

    I am looking forward to the Trinity work. The first set of courses will be Inquiry and Research of Major World Religions; Axiology and Traditional Christian Ethics; Applied Research in Theology of Ministry; and D.R.S. Professional Learning Agreement.

    I hope the ethics course is more interesting than the one I took at ESR. That course focused mostly on the work of Reinhold Niebuhr.

    I am going to take my time with Trinity. I want to graduate after they receive NCA accreditation, if they make it.
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    Trinity's "ethics" would be a lot more congenial than ESR's.
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    CHCS - no problems

    My wife had no problems with CHCS...you just have to realize they are somewhat slow and in this age of instant gratification, they might be frustrating to some. She finished her program in 15 months, but that was booking it taking 3 classes at a time.

    j nate
  12. I received my final exam results but...

    will they send me a transcript? I received a letter stating a transcript will arrive in 10 days for the class. I hope I don't have to hassle them for the transcript.
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    The New CCHS

    Sympatheticear and all CCHS Students:

    I have recently been hired as the Director of Student Services at CCHS. As has been posted in several locations here on the discussion board, CCHS came under new ownership in June of 2003. The last year has been a turbulent time for CCHS and its students due to the transition.

    Unfortunately Sympatheticear, there are other students who have had similar experiences to yours and for that I am truly sorry! We have assembled a very talented and productive administrative staff who are working hard to handle a very large volume of student requests which built up during the transition.

    Let me give you an insider's view regarding what is happening at CCHS. The new ownership is very committed to building CCHS into a cutting edge institution. CCHS is presently the only school offering a wholly distance-based degree in Respiratory Therapy. These services are offered not only in the United States but many countries around the world including India and Saudi Arabia.

    It became very clear after new ownership took the reigns that the correspondence school model CCHS was working under was in NO way efficient and needed to be replaced with a web-based solution that will remove the barriers you and other students have experienced with time for delivery and grading of papers, tests, exams, materials, etc. CCHS personnel are meeting with and evaluating several products to provide a total solution for students i.e., student portal, online assignment and test submission, transcripts, registration, etc. We hope to have that in place as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible for current students. To date some exams and assignments are available for testing online and we are working towards getting all the content in this format.

    We are in process of creating a Student Advocate Group to help with the issues students are experiencing. We have two individuals in place now who take complete ownership of student issues and follow them through to completion. This group will continue to grow as we put the infrastructure in place to support them. If you need help from this group please feel free to contact them at 800.497.7157. If you are unable to reach someone at that moment, please leave a message and they are wonderful about returning calls and resolving issues.

    I was sought out to help the CCHS Student Services group because of my background in Student Services and my personal commitment to students. I have been a student in both traditional and distance-based education and I very much enjoy helping students through their educational experience.

    Please feel free to send me an email through the message board and I will be happy to do everything I can to assist you with the difficulties you are experiencing. Education, in my opinion, is a very powerful and transforming thing, but if the adminstrative portion of the process detracts from the overall experience then you are missing the core value of education. Please let us assist you in the resolution of whatever difficulties you are having.
  14. TO DDouglas

    While your declaration states many honorable intentions, you need to face the facts that your system still has many bugs to work out. For instance, the (800) number you listed puts the caller on indefinate hold. Another thing--does your school send transcripts? I was promised one several weeks ago but everyday my mailbox is void of any CCHS correspondance save billing statements for paid-in-full classes.
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    You are correct on both fronts! We have many honorable intentions and there are many bugs in our system and we are working hard to exterminate them.

    Many thanks for reporting trouble with the phone system. We have that line set up with a voicemail back up so that if we are busy helping other students they can leave a voicemail and we normally get back to people by the end of the day. We will check our system to make sure any anomolies are remedied.

    I looked at your records this morning and I didn't see any record of a transcript requested. Please contact me directly at [email protected] and verify your address and I will get a transcript in the mail to you in the next 24 hours.

    I appreciate your willingness to identify yourself and the issues we are experiencing so that we can work towards resolving them.

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