Jewish Adjunct At Texas A&M Says She Lost Job After Complaining About Crosses

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by jam937, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. scottae316

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    Then they would not be hired. Religious institutions have the right to hire only those who hold their beliefs, so in the case of Amberton a person who has no affiliation or no religious beliefs would not be qualified or hired. I have to wonder why anyone who has no religious beliefs would want to teach at an institution that has an expressed purpose of incorporating their faith into their programs. Seems like a vegan wanting to work a McDonald's, it just doesn't make sense unless they have an agenda.
  2. RFValve

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    For money? I am sure that if one cannot find a job at a none-religous institution, more than one would call themselves "Christian", "Jewish" or "Muslim" as long as they can get a job. I know someone that converted to Judaism just to get into the Finance industry so I don't see why not convert for an academic job at least in paper.
  3. airtorn

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    I had a class where the adjunct was fired mid-class. It was a graduate stats class and the instructor was basically a jerk in both e-mails and message boards. Four weeks into the class, he was gone and the program director covered the final six weeks. Safe to say, it was an awkward situation.

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