Ivy League Schools with Professional Certificate in Management

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    Since this thread has been revived, I'll go ahead and drop my two pennies in the jar. I am currently in my fifth of six classes at eCornell for the "Leading Customer-Focused Teams" certificate. Side-note: You won't find this listed on eCornell any longer (but course information is still listed on the SHA site if anyone is that interested). I recently learned the program is being phased along with about five others and being replaced by new leadership certificates.

    In any case, I've found the experience to be richly rewarding. The biggest reason is because the course content is condensed and precise. It's not "read four chapters then write an 4-5 page paper on _______". The general format is to go through a few short readings (short meaning no more than two Word-sized pages at a time), do some activities, do a few more short readings, some activities, discussion board post, quiz, and then repeat until you get to what's called an "Action Plan" which has been featured in every course I've taken thus far. For me, it's been tremendously helpful from a retention standpoint alone.

    The enrollment process was very easy and getting things squared away with my VA benefits was a cinch. It's likely that I'll do at least one more eCornell certificate before G.I. Bill timeline is up.
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