Ivy League Advanced Certificate Vs DETC Approved MBA Project Management

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by skywire, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Why not both? an MBA would give you that business tag that is good to have when HR people is screening resumes.
    I would agree that a DETC MBA is not going to give you the edge but I would think that a PM certificate alone wouldn't be enough (at least for me) to be considered for some PM positions when you will be competing with more experienced people with more solid business foundation. On the other hand, I would look very favourable a resume with both an accredited MBA and PM certificate from Stanford.
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    I was under the impression Amberton WAS RA!:confused:
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    Oh! I think Amberton as well as the HRP are reasonable, low cost way to go. I wouldn't mind doing the Cornell thing, but I think a degree would be far more useful at this stage!
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    if the search is working try to find my post regarding University of North Alabama and Amberton,

    In my discussions with the graduate office at Amberton they would allow the 4 class PM certificate to be included as part of the Masters in HR&Business. The Masters in HR and training is not available via DL. The PM classes are designated as management classes. So you could complete the PM certificate along the way if you wanted to add something else to your resume.

    UNA has enough Management classess available via DL that you could take one additional class after the MBA and meet the 18 graduate hour requirement. The also hold ACBSP business accreditation. $300 per credit hour.

    I agree with Edowave regarding the PMP, if you do not already have the requisite experience it will be tough to qualify for the exam. However, having a PMP is of benefit.

    Good luck on your decision.
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    I used the HRCP guides and they were great. Very no-frills and to the point. I got a little cocky and tried to pass the SPHR (it only had something like a 40% pass rate) and missed it by 4 points! I'll go back later and just do the PHR instead.

    You know another field you might be interested in is insturctional design. There are a few degree programs in that out there too. Also search the forums here because I remember a few people here talking about that as a career.

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