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    IUBL has a Level IV accreditation issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education. That is the highest level of accreditation and as such it is listed as accredited in the UNESCO Handbook. It is universally accepted and government approved by the various Ministries of Education throughout the Middle and Far East..
    We administer IUBL’s online division through an official academic agreement with them.

    Can Someone please shed some light on this outfit... As i received an email from them..thanks
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  3. Lerner

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    After the fall of Soviet Union in early 90s some new private universities emerged.
    This one is among first such private universities that are not state public government run.
    State universities in Ukraine of Soviet Union are centers of excellence in education with great research programs and high academic achievement.

    This University is new, it started in 1992 and licensed in 1993 opened the door for on campus programs.
    Since then they achieved accreditation to teach and graduate Bachelor degree level and later when they got level 3 accreditation - specialist and Master level degrees.
    Accreditation level 4 - allows then to graduate post graduate level such as Doctor.
    It also makes them eligible for government funds.
    There are 3 institutes within the university.
    The Institute of Business
    The Institute of Law
    The Institute of Information Technology

    They issue degree diplomas of national format of Ukraine. Such degrees are equivalent to US RA degrees.

    The On campus or DL programs are available.
    Dl programs tuition are at 1050 euro a year (textbooks are extra)

    Applicants need to have certificate of proficiency in Ukrainian language from the ministry of education and culture of Ukraine.
    In addition IT applicants need to have such certificate in Math as well.

    On the school web blog I read that number of instructors got fired for accepting bribes. The school administration has 0 tolerance to any instructor who is not following rules and shows the door to such instructors.
    Bribery is more common phenomena in these parts of the world.

    Some comments of the blog that they criticize selection of students process that accepted in the past students who couldn't get anywhere else in to dissent university.
    There are good posts as well.

    If one chooses to study at this university I think they should work directly with the university and not use any third parties as they may run in to some con artist operation who will take their money and run.

    On the following site they are rated # 9. - Top 2007: ranking of higher educational institutions within the group. Private universities.
    I don't know the value of the site ratings - this rating was for 2007.

    Use translate to read it in English
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    Two things.

    The Europa World of Learning is a very widely-used, albeit 'unofficial' comprehensive directory of universities worldwide. (www.worldoflearning.com/) The 58th annual edition (published 2008 by Routledge in London) has about 3,000 pages, including more than twenty pages describing the universities of the Ukraine. More than 70 are described in moderate detail. IUBL is not included. This could be an issue in seeking international acceptance of the degree. (I have not checked the 2009 edition. The 2010 should be out in about six weeks.)


    Lerner: "Use translate to read it in English"

    John: When I tried this on a related site, to try to learn something about Rector Valentinovna, I got this message, which I have never seen before. Wonder what that's about:

    Site blocked. translate.google.com is not allowed on this network.
  5. Stanislav

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    Looks completely plausible. For what it's worth, it is in all likelihood an accredited private business college in Kherson. Of course, a private "business and law" "university" in Ukraine is not a best guarantee of high academic standards.
  6. Lerner

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    Svetlana V. Belousov BIOGRAPHY

    Svetlana V. Belousov


    I used translate

    Born 29 January 1953 d. in the city Donetsk.
    In 1976, graduated from Kherson Pedagogical Institute, fylolohycheskoe office, and in 1998 - the Moscow Institute of Social Policy in the specialty "Finance".

    15 years worked in the secondary school teachers, 6 years - Director of the Center пропаганды region of the protection of monuments, 5 years - in the regional society "Knowledge" methodologists. In 1991, orhanyzovala mnohoprofylnuyu firms "Alex-91" s main activity - construction. In 1993, opened in the city of Kherson branch of the Moscow Academy of pedagogy, which in 1994 was H. pererehystryrovan Institute of interregional business.
    Vozhlavlyaet horodskuyu organization of the PDP, chairman of the Council of Entrepreneurs of the city at мэре, deputy chairman of the regional council of entrepreneurs.

    Ph.D., Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Economic Science, awarded with "Otlichnik education" Order "labor achievements» IV degrees, diplomas of the Ministry of Education, regional and city administration.
    "The main goal - as you can teach more people be successful, especially women. Most приятное at work - knowledge of what graduate Institute uspeshen in business.

    Жизненный principle - we are in this life on trips, so you need to Heft видеть only good.
    In humans tsenyu chestnost, trudolyubye, poryadochnost, kindness, nezlobyvost.
    In me wonderful family, which helped me in general actually. I am the lucky woman - Yet I razed Son, created wonderful Body Institute, planted many trees, but still ahead of all life.
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    Thanks heaps. so do you think that the Degree from IUBL will be accepted for academia purpose? Tuition fees i was told around US$9000.00 for Master program.

  8. Lerner

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    If you are starting from the beginning then it will take you 5 years or more to earn Masters degree.

    1700 USD a year x 5 = $8500 plus text books and other fees.
    So yes it would be around 9K.
  9. Stanislav

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    Well yes, but why would you choose this one? I'm from Ukraine. Call me snob, but a private entity called International University of Business and Law sounds like something of a near-mill quality. It's GAAP, but is not notable otherwise. And yeah, $9000 is a lot of money in Ukraine (provided you won't spend full 5 years earning it).
  10. John Bear

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    Migara: "...do you think that the Degree from IUBL will be accepted for academia purpose?"

    John: One must ask: accepted by whom? Acceptance is often a continuum from "never to rarely to sometimes to often to always." Even something as simple as an advanced degree from a nationally-accredited US university produces results all along that continuum: a fair number always do, a fair number never do, with the rest in between.

    So if you have a specific goal -- acceptance by a given employer or potential employer or other school or government or licensing agency -- then ask them. If it is more general, it is annoying but probable that you will have to make your best guess.

    (If you pursue this path, do let us know the outcome.)
  11. Lerner

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    Dr Bear,
    I have a friend who looking in to their IT master degree program.

    From what I hear it will take him a year to earn a masters degree in IT from them.

    He holds foreign degree and US DETC accredited BSEET degree with high concentration of classes in Comp Technology.

    For 1100 euro a year a MSIT degree will cost him almost like 4 or 5 credits in US Graduate school. (or 1 and 1/2 credits depends on school)

    Since half of the employees in this field are foreigners anyway I see no harm but actually an opportunity.

    He already initiated first steps and in process of review of his credentials.

    I'm curious to outcome and utility of this degree once he earns it.
  12. Migara

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    what I understand is, i Can complete said 4 units and plus mini-thesis with a year.

    Dr. Bear, I am still thinking about, as i could use my (working progress) PhD thesis as the mini thesis., which in that case i should be done in 7 months or so...

    Will update time to time.


  13. Stanislav

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    Try to negotiate the fees. 9000 is too expensive.
  14. student23

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    Hi Migara,

    Did you have any credits from prior learning? I'm in the process of applying but the program that they are offering me is much longer (I have 60 college credits but they only accepted 39) it will take me over two years to complete.
  15. Migara

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    Yes I had credits from previous studies and i have ready completed 2 units and one is due to on 20th of this month and then three more to go.

    Had work I tell you, i have a strict professor!!!
  16. Lerner

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    At least two persons I know tried to get in this school and after a few initial e-mails the communication stopped by the university.

  17. An "international" law school?

    The buisness part of the school makes sense- but how does this work, when the laws of each country vary wildly? Is it a program of law theory? Courtroom procedure and the practice of law? Comparing international laws? Are there separate programs dealing with the laws of different countries? Or is it strictly Ukraine law being studied?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions- this isn't my area of insight by any means.


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