It’s barely solvent. Pricy school with a gloomy outlook...

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  1. AsianStew

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    From reading this article, I can see the days counting down on them... probably closing down their doors for good after a short few years of operation! Look at that tuition at $40K/year... It's a new school wanting to hit it up with the "expensive" education offerings... I don't think that'll work unless they're "catches" or special niches they're targeting... Too many fish in the sea and not many biting on this one!

    Link: Whittle School faces financial struggles - The Washington Post
  2. Dustin

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    I've never understood this focus on ridiculous growth.

    Why not stick to building one school and if it's good, expand it? You frequently see "too big, too fast" ventures flame out when they can't be sustainable.
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  3. JoshD

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    Similar to any business really. Happens all the time with businesses.
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  4. Johann

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    A case of galloping ambition followed by COVID.

    The guy is 74. He's had several ambitious ventures not pan out, for various reasons. I think he should hang up his guns -- oops, not the best expression to use around the subject of schools -- but he should retire. There were money problems - then Coronavirus screwed him. He has to accept that. And not blame himself - that can drive people into their graves.
    If he were a younger man I'd say: downsize the ambition. Build a small, high-quality enterprise. Upscale modestly, as circumstances dictate. Do as Dustin said. In fact, hire Dustin as a consultant - you could not do better!

    When you're old -- precarious is NOT good. I know.
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  5. Charles Fout

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    Partnering with Evil is always a fail. No doubt every classroom has a Political/Mis-Information Officer.
    Partnering with Evil is always a Fail. Can you imagine the kids at the lunch table getting caught talking about tiananmen Square, the Uyghurs, or Cardinal Zen. Political/Misinformation Officer everywhere??

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