Is there money left over after using the MGIB with Touro University Int.

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    Using the MGIB and Tuition Assistance, is there money left over. Not that I'm greedy or anything, lol:D
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    Assuming you are referring to the military tuition assistance (TA), then you would not have to pay anything out-of-pocket for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree through Touro. Touro gives a TA discount that is just enough to cover the difference between military TA and the cost of tuition up to 28 semester credits per year.

    For the Ph.D., Touro gives military members a 20% discount on tuition, which means along with the current military TA rate, a student would have to pay $150 per semester credit.

    Now, on to your GI Bill question. When you use your GI Bill along with military TA it is referred to as the top-up program. This is something that was introduced on 30 Oct 00, right before I got my masters using military TA (I graduated Dec 00). :mad:

    Keep in mind that the VA seems to find every avenue of approach to not pay military members their full entitlement. With that said, if you use military TA, you must report it to the VA. Under the top-up programs, the VA, in turn, will only pay you a monthly stipend over the semester that works out to be the equivalent to difference of your military TA and the cost to you.

    Check with Touro's VA office to see how they report semester credits to the VA. If they report the full cost of the semester credit, then you will make the exact amount of the Touro discount. On the other hand, if Touro reports the discount to the VA, you won't make any money off of your benefits. Either way, unless you are going for a terminal degree (doctorate), I would consider saving your GI Bill.

    Here is a link so you can read about the details of the top-up program:
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