Is there any 100% online teaching licensure program?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Pelican, Aug 15, 2014.

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    I live abroad, but want to earn a US teaching license. I am not concerned about which state. Any grade level or teaching area is okay.

    I've looked at dozens of programs described as on-line license programs, but found that all require frequent visits to the campus or to accredited classrooms for observations, and all needed an internship, usually completed during an entire fall or spring semester, something that would interfere with my current job.

    Are there any programs that are genuinely 100% on-line? I need to at least get to the initial license, so that, if sometime in the next few years I need to return to the US, I can readily find employment.
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    Depending on your state, there are alternative teacher certification programs for those who already have a bachelor's degree. They usually require 30 hours of classroom observation. I've found a couple of programs in Texas that cover up to 15 hours of this observation requirement through video. The rest of the program can be done online and can be done in about 6 months. You will probably have to take the Praxis exam. My state has the TEXES exam. After you complete the program and pass the required exams, you will teach for a year just like any other teacher except you will have a temporary license and a mentor. After you complete a year of teaching, you will receive your permanent license. I was once in iTeach's alternative teacher certification program. They operate in a few states. There are also some online alternative programs at colleges and universities.

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