Is alison website real!

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    Wating for answers please :(
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    ALISON courses are "real" in the sense that you can learn useful things, and if you complete them they will send you a certificate of some sort (I think you need to pay for the cert). They are not however accredited. Their page on accreditation is here:

    ALISON Help / Are ALISON courses accredited/recognised?

    They state explicitly that "In an effort to keep programme costs down and to retain the current motivational-based format of ALISON, ALISON has not sought to be nor been approved by the US DOE, CHEA or DETC provider and does not represent itself to be an “accredited” programme of any of these organisations."

    Of course, since they don't offer degrees, there's no requirement that ALISON seek accreditation. The (perceived) value of the courses/certs will probably vary quite widely. Personally if I listed an ALISON cert on a resume I'd note somehow that it was done for personal learning or somesuch notation to signify it was not earned from an accredited institution.

    In the future, you can check whether any institution is accredited by USDE here:
    Search Institutional Accreditation System
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    Some of the programs are great, some are mediocre, some are horrible. No harm in trying them if you are interested, but it's best not to expect the world. You might be surprised just how good some of them are :fing02:

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