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    The Satellite Campus Of The
    Irish International University Of Europa

    The Irish International University Of Europa is an independent self-governing European educational institution founded at the dawn of the millennium. The university is owned by an Irish incorporated institution with professional European degree awarding authority. The institution does not come under the jurisdiction or control of any government department. Private educational establishments in the Irish Republic do not receive any state funding, nor have state recognition certificate for their institution.

    All the professional European degrees are conferred by the Board of Trustees by virtue of incorporation in the Irish Republic in accordance with all legal authority. The professional European degrees are conferred at university convocations in the United Kingdom and internationally. The private university title is registered in the Irish Republic in the year 2000.

    The Irish International University Of Europa is of mixed heritage, Irish and British. It is truly a modern generation university of the millennium in the European Union, taking European qualifications to the doorsteps of learners internationally.
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    So what about it? Why do you copy a part of a website without any explanation? "IIE" has been extensively discussed by the way.
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    What really, really riles me is the accreditation by EQAC (pronounced EQUACK, yes, just like a duck on drugs). This useless accrediting agency was created and is still operated by Bircham International University. And it has the gall to list universities such as Bradford, Aberdeen etc. as accredited members. Another attempt at legitimacy by association. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :mad:


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    Recognised universities and colleges in UK
    The Government's Department for Education and Skills has a list of
    universities and colleges that offer an officially recognised UK degree.
    See their website at

    Also there is another somewhat similar soundig QA body
    its QAA UK not the same as QAC.

    IIU is not listed or recognized by this body.

    They provide additional information on UK and Irland.

    QAA document quote:

    QAA was formed in 1997 to rationalise the external quality assurance
    of higher education that existed up to this date. It is independent of
    UK governments and is owned by the organisations that represent
    the heads of UK universities and colleges (Universities UK,
    Universities Scotland, Higher Education Wales and the Standing
    Conference of Principals).

    UK universities and colleges of higher education are self-governing
    and are not owned or run by the Government. The level of
    autonomy of universities and colleges is high compared to many
    other countries. All have an independent legal identity; some have a
    Royal Charter, some are higher education corporations, while others
    have been created through an Act of Parliament.
    Degree awarding powers and university title
    In England and Wales, organisations with taught, or taught and research
    degree awarding powers can apply for university title. In Scotland and
    Northern Ireland only organisations that secure both taught and
    research degree awarding powers can apply. These powers are granted
    indefinitely to publicly funded UK higher education institutions.
    In England and Wales, privately funded organisations may apply for
    degree awarding powers, which are awarded for six years. Renewal
    of these powers is subject to a successful external review by QAA.
    All universities and some colleges of higher education award their
    own degrees. The colleges that do not have degree awarding powers
    have their awards validated by another higher education institution
    that has degree awarding powers, or a national accrediting body.
    Colleges without degree awarding powers work within the
    requirements of their validating university to assure the standards of
    the programmes and awards they offer in the name of that
    validating institution. Colleges of higher education with taught
    degree awarding powers can apply to the Privy Council for the right
    to use the title 'university college' or 'university' if they meet student
    number thresholds set by the Government.
    QAA offers confidential guidance to relevant Government
    departments on applications from organisations seeking degree
    awarding powers and/or university title.

    Recognised universities and colleges
    The Government's Department for Education and Skills has a list of
    universities and colleges that offer an officially recognised UK degree.
    See their website at
    In addition to these universities and colleges, there are many private
    providers of programmes and awards in the UK and other countries.
    The British Accreditation Council, which is independent of
    Government, is the national accrediting body for further and higher
    education outside the state sector. For more information see their
    website at

    End of exract quoted from QAA pdf document.

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    The National Accreditation Board of Malaysia has blacklisted courses offered by two unaccredited and allegedly "dubious" universities. Sources said today the board was aware of complaints about Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University, and had distributed a circular to officers about the institutions

    The sad thing is that after all these controversies, IIU came strong with a new outlook calling itself IIU, Europa. I wonder when would they cease to operate? or all these government authorities are good for nothing.
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    It is hardly to control all DM due to the operator can run from one location to another. Today in Irish tomorrow in Swize and another day in ... This is what exactly done by many DM in US like Southern Pacific University was formerly from South Dakota, then New Mexico, then Hawaii then Delaware then Nevis and then then then. It will never end.


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