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  1. Peter Chin

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    Irish Ambassador to Malaysia Daniel Mulhall has called on the Government to take action against the Irish International University for committing deception by parading itself as an Irish university.

    He confirmed today that the university had no ties with Ireland and that he had reported the issue to the Irish authorities to determine what action could be taken against the people behind the institution.

    "They do not offer any courses or conduct any classes in Ireland. I find the name is itself a deception because they are neither Irish nor a university.

    "I think the Malaysian authorities are aware of this and I hope they will take action to prevent people from being deceived into thinking they have qualifications from an Irish university," he said.

    The New Straits Times reported on Tuesday that several hundred Malaysians may be holding questionable qualifications from two unaccredited universities.

    Degrees from Cambridgeshire University and the Irish International University are not accredited nor recognised in the UK, US or Ireland.

    The Higher Education Ministry is now looking into claims that the institutions are bogus, and will also investigate a local institution offering their courses.

    Mulhall said there were seven universities in Ireland and they were "all world class and state-backed".

    There were 16 other third-level educational institutions but the Irish Government chose not to call them universities as it was extremely selective and wanted to preserve the "university" tag for a particular level of excellence, he said.

    "That is why it is so unfortunate that there are those who exploit the good name of Irish education."

    The Irish International University said on Wednesday that it was a legitimate life-long learning institution and a "new concept" university. Executive president Prof H. Sandhu said the institution, a "private corporate university", had no physical entity in Ireland, but was set up as a company there in 2000.

    Mulhall said the embassy had received queries over the years about the institution and had raised the issue with the Higher Education Ministry on a few occasions.

    He said he was even "offended" to see the Irish native language used in the institution’s prospectus, and to add insult to injury, the Gaelic words were misspelt.

    "And I have never heard of the Dublin European Institute," he said, referring to an entity which the Irish International University claims is its ‘bridging campus’.

    In the university’s latest prospectus, it is stated that the honorary chancellor is ‘Baron Knowth’. The same man is named as Prof Dr Jeff Wooller in the institute’s prospectus in 2002.

    The university says it has four pillar campuses, an open campus (European Business School), external campus (London Executive Schools International), bridging campus (Dublin European Institute) and a credit campus (Professional Development Institute).

    It also has pictures of hundreds of graduates in convocations held since 2000
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    And the NST published counter claims by IIU!

    Seems its common in Malaysia. Plenty of colleges are selling "fake" degrees to foreign students (mostly from China)!
  3. Mohd Ali

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    Two More

    Two more so called Irish University but not even exist in Treland are:

    Dublin Metropolitan University and
    European International University

    Both are offering their programs in Malaysia
  4. uncle janko

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    There is another thread on this very topic, too,
    started by our colleague in Kota Kinabalu;
    nothing would be nicer than to hear this mill is through--
    nor Irish nor Malaysian it's a woolly hoop-de-do.

    Sorry, guys, I get these fits...
  5. drstrangeglove

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    Re: Two More

    worse of all is that the students dont realise it! malaysians are a very trusting people. they will believe almost anything. then when it all goes wrong "it was gods will" so not their fault. with that attitude no one cares. you try telling HR here about fake degrees. they look at you like an alien! everyhing is so controlled by the governmnet that locals cannot believe that in the US, UK, Ireland or Europe that "fake/dubious" unis would allowed to exist
  6. adamsmith

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    Oh, come on! I think there has been enough publicity and incidents in Malaysia over the years to alert the public that there are many not-so-wonderful education providers.

    The 'honorary doctorates' issue that has been raised by the Malaysian government is a case in point. It has been well known that getting a 'Dato' title and an 'honorary doctorate' - or should I say, buying these twin titles- has been going on in the highest of government and business circles for goodness knows how long.

    Students who enroll in unaccredited programs generally know what they are getting themselves into. Most of them could not or are too lazy to try and succeed either at the local university or through a twinning program offered by an overseas accredited school. They take the easy and cheap route and hope to God that the quality of their degree is never discovered.
  7. Janko, your comments are quite astute
    Irish International is a hoot
    They prey on the ignorant and make all the loot
    That is criminally gained - let's see a lawsuit!
  8. sonata88

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    Drstrangeglove I could not agree with you more. There is a minority of very discerning people but the majority have their blinkers on and anything that looks whiter than white is okay by them.
  9. George Brown

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    Not sure if the above has been posted before, but note specifically:

    "Short courses do not need the approval of National Accreditation Board (LAN). Participants are usually awarded a Certificate of Attendance," he said, adding the letter from JPA was in reply to a query about the equivalence of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy from the so-called Irish International University. He said the letter merely states a principle that postgraduate qualifications are recognised on the condition that a person holds an undergraduate or bachelor degree that is recognised by the government.


  10. Jack Tracey

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    Re: Re: Two More

    This is a racial/ethnic stereotype. No one should come to any conclusion based on such crap.
  11. Xtra

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    I think IIU will be gone forever just like Bye Bye IIU Welcome Dublin Metropolitan University.

    Look similar:

  12. JamesK

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    Re: Re: Irish International University in New Sunday Times

    "This page is under construction" and a tacky image compared to a working website?

    I wouldn't call that similar.
  13. Xtra

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    Re: Re: Re: Irish International University in New Sunday Times

    Surprise after the gov of MAL list the name they appearantly shut down the site. Sorry may be it was too late that I post the mail. Most of the time had spent with AU. But if carefully view the IIU site all the membership are almost similar and it could be created by the same organisation and to list it for claiming recognistion. Sound attractive but if we look at it carefully all these organisation website had a few pages for their introduction and identical idea.


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