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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Sacricolist, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Sacricolist

    Sacricolist New Member

    So I have finally drank the kool-aid and bought the iPhone 4S. Does anyone have any recommendations for must have apps or really cool apps?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Happy Holidays!
  2. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    I have an iPhone 4... I'm guilty of playing Smurfs' Village. hahaha

    Not sure what types of activities you participate in, but you'd probably want a barcode scanner for shopping, maybe a flashlight app too...

  3. BlueMason

    BlueMason Audaces fortuna juvat

    Plants vs Zombies ! a must have !
    What do you enjoy? Download appshopper - plenty of good and free apps available :)
  4. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Here's some recommended games to check out (I'm just listing my favorites since I don't know what kinda games you'd like): Tiny Wings, Jetpack Joyride, Dungeon Raid Lite (free, don't bother paying for the full version), Super Shot Golf, Flight Control, Retro Pinball (free), Cut the Rope, Scribblenauts, Wordle (free), Flick Home Run, Solomon's Keep ... and I guess Angry Birds, since half of the ppl who ask to see your phone will want to play it. (Even though I personally don't like it as much as the others I've listed.) Most of those are games you can play for a few minutes, since I usually only play games on the bus or when I have to wait in a long lineup, etc. Some of them have a "Lite" version that you can try for free before buying.

    In terms of non-game apps, I mostly use the built-in calendar, maps, clock, browser, etc ... but the Yelp app is free, helpful to find businesses (ex, looking for a nearby restaurant that serves Italian food, or want to look up reviews of a restaurant nearby). If you use Skype or MSN/Live Messenger, there's free apps for those. And of course Facebook & Twitter if you use 'em.

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