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    I scored a 72 on Introductory Business Law back in August 2008. I found studying for this exam a little tougher than the others I had taken at that time, though I think it was largely due to being busy at work and the summer heat keeping me from getting enough sleep. I'm content with my score, but I almost feel as if I should keep studying a little longer and take the Bus Law II DSST because I just don't feel like I know this as well as I should for what amounts to an A. I had time to review my marked questions but finished with less than 2:00 left.

    I found the test had plenty of 'know the terms' questions but a lot of scenario questions where more detailed study would have got me over 75. Nothing on my version of the exam was outside of the subject matter in my study resources. No environmental law. Lots of scenario questions about contracts between individuals. One question where reading about the differences in merchant contracts under UCC saved me. I hope. One question where I was glad I remembered which is the bailor and which is the bailee.

    I have experience working with Legal dept at work, plus HR and employment aspects from too many years in management, and agency/regulatory from working in financial services. So I focused my study mostly on contracts and torts, and went over the remaining topics less thoroughly.

    For about a month 2 hours or so a day (I'm also studying Macroeconomics), I used the Barrons book and this textbook, because it's the one my library had. I also sought out textbook websites, especially Cheeseman, which has great content and quizzes. Also InstantCert (the applications and scenarios sections are the most useful) and the feedback thread there. This site was handy for tort law.
    I made notes on my reading and wrote a ton of concept cards, which I would review at odd moments a couple times a day. if I had it to do over again I would have tried to go in a little more confident -- maybe I'd have bought a cheap used copy of Cheeseman from Amazon, for a little more depth and discussion of example cases. At that time Peterson's test was not available, and I find they help a lot in raising my scores.

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