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  1. scstubbs

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    Hello everyone!

    After years switching schools for financial reasons, I decided to finish up my degree at TESC. They did and evaluation and I have looked over the results and am trying to build a plan. There is a school only forty-five minutes away that should offer the DSST testing I need to complete my degree. My intention is to complete each DSST, and then take my capstone at TESC. Any guidance is appreciated. Can I please post my plan here?
  2. scstubbs

    scstubbs New Member

    I need advise from someone who understands degree requirements. Maybe, I should just pay my tuition and speak to an advisor, but I don't see why until I need to take my capstone. And, if I made an error then I can deal with it later. Anyways, is anyone interested in glancing at my required (missing) credits, and the test I plan to take to complete them?

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