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    Hello to Everyone!!!

    I would just like to introduce myself. I'm JazzyMac and I've been attending school since 1998 (online and B/M). I found this website during one of my searches for a CLEP study guide a while ago.

    I just finished my last two classes with Park University for my B.S. in Liberal Studies with Excelsior. I've taken classes with Phoenix, UMUC, Park, not to mention courses added from my CCAF, and a few community colleges at various bases. I was on my way to a BS in HR when a career change warranted me expediting this degree--I didn't have any more time to waste and Park changed my degree plan because I had taken so long to complete my degree. Still a great school though (I'd recommend them to anyone!)

    I just sent my final transcript to Excelsior and I am anxiously awaiting my wonderfully printed card stock degree in the mail! :D

    Next on my list is researching a good online accredited school for my MBA. I hope to start no later than January 2009.

    I'm here to help the best I can and get as much help as I can. Congratulations to everyone on their current and future successes.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Congrats! Is JazzyMac your actual name? Wow! You started college when I was in Middle School. Well, there are lot of good MBA program online and school. It depends on your criteria, such as concernstration, accreditation, costs, reputation, lecture delivery method, and etc.

    BTW, Welcome aboard!
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    Wow, didn't realize I'd ever say this, but I'm showing my age!!!! lol :D
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    And Finally...

    After constant refreshing of Excelsior's website,

    NAME: JazzyMac
    Student ID: A Billion Trillion Gazillion
    BS - Liberal Studies

    Congratulations JazzyMac! It appears you have satisfied your degree requirements. Your file has been forwarded to the Academic Evaluation Specialists for further processing.

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