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    Free University Berlin has two online programs in English, International Relations and Eastern European Studies. The website is here: There is a short residency, a total of 20 days (four weeks) over two years. FU Berlin is a highly ranked university in Germany and is located in Dahlem, which is a suburb of Berlin, in an area that used to be referred to as the American Sector. I was just in Berlin for business in February and stayed in Dahlem and I paid around $70 a night for a hotel there, much cheaper than central Berlin. The programs are not the same price, the International Relations is a bit more. Even with the fall of the dollar, these are reasonably priced programs for someone that is interested in either of these two areas. Deadline for applications is April 30.
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    I will be in Berlin and at the Freie Universität Berlin
    Center for Global Politics October 6-10. There are two great online programs there. Eastern European Studies (which is my interest) and International Relations . These are blended programs in that they both require a short residency of one week twice a year, but airfare from the US and accommodations in Berlin have been very reasonable. I will be happy to share my experiences – just let me know what questions you have.

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