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    Hello all...

    I just completed my Bachelors degree at a German university and now I am strongly interested in the “International Management” postgraduate course at the University of London External.

    Unfortunately I do not find any good resources of other students, which already study this course (or at least a similar one at the UoL).

    May be you can help with the following questions:

    1) How good is the material? Is it necessary to use other sources (like internet, textbooks), too?
    2) How hard are the exams? I know this question is not easy to answer, but perhaps you can give me a feeling….
    3) How much time is typically needed per week for study-related stuff?

    Generally I am looking for some experienced students and their opinions about the program. Especially taking into account that I completed my first degree in Germany and therefore I am not very common to the British educational system.
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    Welcome to DegreeInfo, Stu_de.

    You have posted this question on the forum for instructors, teachers and professors. Instead, you should ask this question in the Distance Learning Discussions forum here: http://www.degreeinfo.com/forumdisplay.php?f=13
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    Hi mbaonline,

    you're right, I'm sorry. Shall I open a new thread, or will you switch this thread to the other forum?
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    Sorry, I'm not a moderator, so I can't move it for you. Just copy/paste it into a new topic in the right forum.
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    Ok, sorry I thought you are a moderator ;-)

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