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    Online Adjunct Pay & Decent Universities

    I just wanted to add to this thread a discussion of online pay and the good, bad, and ugly universities to work for. I keep a running file of things from colleagues, discussion boards, and my personal experiences. Course lengths can vary, so anyone who has additional info, please flush it out. Here is a go at it:

    Great schools
    Devry, 8 weeks $2,300 - $2,700 a course. RECOMMENDED as a good school

    Franklin University - Treated like a human being! Steady assignments, hard to get in.

    Kaplan--awesome mentoring program, wonderful department chairs, pay starts low but increases the longer you stay with them; frequently hire full time; a little difficult to get your foot in the door

    Baker College Online--wonderful but intensive training program, offers frequent contracts once you are established

    NAU--this school contracts with other online programs to provide online facilitation; frequent contracts once you are established

    Good Schools
    ITT Online--training is provided but not at the same level as the "great" schools; students are sometimes difficult to manage (more than most online programs)

    AIU--while the pay is good, they tend to overstaff, you will get your own voice mail and receive many "thank you" rewards

    Not So Good
    South University - Overstaffed cattle call. All run thru EDMC, which has several schools that I can’t recall right now. Art Institute and...

    UoP $850 for 5-week undergraduate courses. Graduate courses are 6 weeks and proportionately higher. Rates go up for doctorate holders. After teaching 5 courses, faculty are eligible to have their pay bumped up $100 a course (or so). After three years, it bumps again. - Laughable system (outlook express newsgroups), impersonal. The entire recruiting process is put on the applicant. It technically qualifies as online teaching experience to put on your resume.

    Grantham University. - DETC accredited. Will pay you $15 per hour to grade papers, not much else. It technically qualifies as online teaching experience to put on your resume.

    Capella, Classes are 10-12 weeks, and pay is 1500- 2400 from respective sources. Instructors can develop new curriculum, and are expected to be in contact in the courseroom several times a week-- no tests, just lead discussions, assignments, papers-- direct / manage the class

    Keiser College, which has only 4 week courses in undergraduate programs, pays $1,500 to instructors with a Master's and $1,800 to instructors with a doctorate.

    Tomball College, it is $1,600 per course

    Virginia Community College - $565/credit hour (15-week terms)

    North Carolina Community College - $1,000 per 3-credit hour course (16-week terms)

    Tennessee Community College - $455/credit hour (15-week terms)
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    DETC - Teaching

    Has anyone taught for a DETC_accredited school? Just wondering what your impressions were.

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    A couple adds:

    Keiser - Not recommended, poor faculty relations, infrequent assignments.

    Grantham - One upside is that they pay you as an independent contractor, so if you are in need of a new PC or other business expenses to write off, might be worth a semester of clerical work.
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    Franklin and others

    I teach for Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio (THE other Ohio university) and recommend them. It's a proprietary system, but they have it set up to minimize the clerical work instructors do.

    Healthy chat system, reliable email servers, good mentors, hardworking students (alot of EArmy students). Can't go wrong. Offers some limited tuition reimbursement (something like one free class for each one taught)

    UOP - Blechhhh. You'll eventually get in due to the churn, and you'll eventually get out due to the churn.

    Baker seems really good from what I have seen, as well as DeVry.

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