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  1. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    I read this anecdote yesterday. It made me reflect on how much our nation's leadership has changed...

    At the close of the U.S. Civil War, Robert E. Lee was offered the presidency of a large insurance firm.

    Lee replied that he did not feel his services would be worth the $50,000 salary offered. "We aren't interested in your services," the man replied. "We merely want your name."

    "That," said General Lee quietly, "is not for sale."
  2. kf5k

    kf5k member

    A truly great man with a true sense of honor. Not many come around of that nature anymore, but they once did.
  3. wfready

    wfready New Member

    I wish someone would ask for my name for $50K... :D
  4. GENO

    GENO New Member

    In this day and age everything and everyone (well maybe everyone) has a price. We will prostitute ourselves to the highest bidder.
  5. vical

    vical New Member

    Heck, they can have mine fir $30,000. Then maybe I could afford a DL DBA!

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