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    Has anyone used instantcert or speedy prep to prepare for Clep or Dantes exams? Are these methods any good? I want to try a DSST/Dantes exams, but I'm a little scared. Most of my ACE accredited tests have been Cleps. I am used to doing them, but I need to branch out. I just can't read 600 page textbooks to prepare for a standardized test. 350 pages is about my limit. Any suggestions?
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    The only reviews I've read of speedyprep is that it is not as good as instantcert. In my own experience, instantcert is disorganized, hard on the eyes and does not have any features or content that makes $20 per month worthwhile. For what it may be worth, there don't seem to be very many who share my negative opinion of the product and you can always try it out just to see if it works for you. I recommend, khan academy and just typing stuff into youtube or google. For economics and finance, I also highly recommend investopedia. All of those are free and eill give you everything you need.

    Personally, I love having paper textbooks, so I recommend every exam taker to take a look at your library's catalogue. On a number of occasions, I lucked out and found the exact book that was recommended for study, which is ideal even if not necessary to do well on the test. For most of my ECEs, I actually bought the books. Here is where buying used and finding older editions or international editiins will save you hundreds of dollars. Most were less than $6, with shipping included. You can check out if you have any interest in buying a textbook, although I will say that this is also unnecessary.
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    These are the exams I passed with Instantcert along with my scores. Passing for most tests is a 50 or 400.

    Intro to Psych - 70
    US History I - 64
    Intro to Sociology - 63
    Intro to Educational Psychology - 70
    Biology - 68
    Principles of Management - 69
    Principles of Marketing - 68

    Lifespan Developmental Psychology - 62 (I used the CLEP Human Growth and Development flashcards.)
    Fundamentals of Counseling - 68
    Intro to Computing - 469
    Intro to Astronomy - 56
    Environment & Humanity - 70
    Here's to Your Health - 456
    Management Information Systems - 451
    Principles of Supervision - 453
    Human Resources Management - 62

    As you can see, I passed all of the tests with a lot of room to spare with the exception of Astronomy. The only test I failed was Chemistry, but I attribute that to there not being any Instantcert flashcards for this test. I read a whole textbook and failed. Next time, I'll go through the Khan Academy videos. Everyone is different, though. I'm very good at test taking and cramming. I like the flashcard format because it makes cramming quick and easy. I'm a visual-verbal learner who recalls information by picturing the text that I've read. Textbooks require me to store too much information.

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