Inspipation (maybe?)

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by cmt, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Inspiration (maybe?)

    If you have not been following my job/career related posts (no reason why you should), then you may not know that I have been looking for a new job/career with my near finished degree on my resume. Well, I accepted an offer today. I will be making 200% more than my current job (base pay), $5,000 starting bonus, lucrative monthly bonuses (profit sharing), a mid-level management position, and I love the company. Considering I have been working security (night shift) for the past couple of years out of the military, I do not think my work experience got me the job. If fact, I know it did not because I did not list it on my resume. After accepting their offer, I asked for the reasons why they decided to offer me the job. They (the two VP’s that hired me) gave these three reasons:
    1. Your academic credentials meet our needs and tell us a lot about you.
    2. We were impressed with your interview.
    3. We have had good success with former Marines in the past.

      Back to number "1." I have been trying to convince a friend of mine to go back to school (he doesn't think it would be worth the cost/trouble), so for my friends sake, I asked if I would have been offered the job without my current education level. Answer from VP: "I think HR would have filtered you out before the first interview was scheduled, we require all of our managers to have a degree. We understand that you are a couple of months from being awarded yours, but from your interview, we think it's in the bag. Especially since, you are already trying to get us to pay for your masters!"

      Some time ago, I asked, “Is a degree worth it?” Today I can say, verifiably, YES! Thank you
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    Congratulations! Don't stop trying to get them to pay fror your Masters.
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    Awesome !!!!

    Awesome news, I try to tell my family all the time the same thing, continue with your education and you will prosper.

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    Well done!
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    Nice going, cmt.
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    Jack is right on, if someone will pay, use it.

    Semper Fi
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    I, too, was once like your friend. I thought that my good work experience and exceptional evaluations/references from former employers would be all that I would ever need. HA! Like you have stated, those without education are filtered out immediately in many cases. It's just amazing how many more doors will be open when it's all over. Again, congratulations.....I'll look forward to doubling my salary, too! :D

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