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  1. ernzlife

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    I am looking for an online masters program that is pretty inexpensive. I am finishing up my electrical engineering degree right now and will begin full time work with that in May. I have an online ministry that I was called to begin, so I would like to get formal schooling in Theology, Biblical Studies, etc., but it needs to be inexpensive. I plan to start my own engineering firm in about five years so that I have more flexibility to do both engineering and my ministry, and I do not want to be in debt. I was raised in the Methodist tradition and now attend a Pentecostal church, so I would prefer a school with Wesleyan-Arminian teachings. Since I am working in my own ministry, however, denomination isn't that important. Accreditation is highly preferred, but like denomination, isn't vital. Ideally total tuition would be $5000 or less, but would be willing to consider up to $7500.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Randell1234

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    Have you looked at the free unaccredited Nations U?
  3. cbryant

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    You might try taking a look at Baker's Guide to Christian Online Learning | Accredited Bible, College, Seminary Degrees also, check The Association of Theological Schools (Home | The Association of Theological Schools), they have started listing schools that do offer distance education. It is going to tough, limiting yourself to less than $7500 total cost. Most non ministerial degrees (those other than the M.Div) will run anywhere between 48-75 hours. In the worst case you're looking at 75 hours @ $7500 = $100 per hour.

    Hope this helps
  4. RAM PhD

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    South African Theological Seminary is an excellent option (although this is a master of theology as opposed to a master of arts). With total tuition cost at $3980, SATS holds the same level of accreditation as the major universities in South Africa.
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  5. Afterhours

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    Anything accredited? My husband is looking into Indiana Wesleyan University (Wesleyan Church) and Anderson University (Church of God, Indiana)

    A very inexpensive (to me at least) Masters can be had at Ohio Christian University. (Wesleyan Arminian tradition, small denomination whose name escapes me) They also offer articulation with a PhD program.
  6. Jason9934

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    Grace school of theology comes to mind. They cost 180$ per credit hour and are TRACS accredited. They are also an Associate member of the ATS.
  7. cesmith78

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    Grace is Dispensationalist. Check out Global University. They are an Assembly of God school with relatively cheap tuition.
  8. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    Wow, their tuition definitely looks good. How long have they been RA?
  9. CalDog

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    According to HLC-NCA, Global University became an RA Candidate in October 2006, and received full RA in February 2010. They have also held DETC accreditation since January 1977.
  10. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    They look excellent!
  11. Jason9934

    Jason9934 Member

    Global University is a great option. I am taking Greek through them now. As far as GSOT goes; I believe they are going to become ATS accredited. They are dispensationalist, not my cup of tea either.

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