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    I've applied to several colleges and I've never seen one that requires employment information on the application. I know Indiana Wesleyan is geared towards working adults but i'm wondering if you have to be employed to get into this college? Of course I don't have a job...

    My sister graduated from there and she says she thinks you do...Does anyone know? I already submitted my application, but I'm just wondering as I would LOVE to be able to join their social work program. I could call them but I'm just gonna look for alternatives anyways.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. graymatter

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    No, you don't have to be employed. A loooong time ago, they had several rather odd (looking back) stipulations for their online program (including being 25+ years old) but they don't have those any longer.

    The social work program is BRAND NEW. As in, they are scrambling to hire faculty to fill the need. The last I knew, they were having psychology faculty cover social work classes (I know this because I facilitated two of them). If it's like the other IWU programs (and that's a good assumption on my part), it will be cohort-based with 5 week courses year round for 2 years post-associates or general ed. It isn't terribly rigorous. They use LearningHouse and e-textbooks - neither or which impress me.

    As for being "Wesleyan," faculty are required to sign a statement of faith but students are not. Their are devotionals every week but they are not required. The psychology and addictions programs are evidence-based and have very little explicit faith integration; I assume social work will be the same.

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