I'm "Shocked"

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Mar 17, 2015.

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    An ethically challenged politician? Say it isn't so! Shocking, says I. Just shocking!
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    His only problem is he got caught. Being a former military member, it was not uncommon for me to see Generals overhauling their base house or changing their car for personal preference which cost the taxpayer heavily. There was one time where I had to do a contract to refloor a General's house. The general wanted to tear up a perfectly good and recently installed hardwood floor to place marble. We did an RFQ, the contractor quoted and it was over the customers estimate. When I asked the customer for more money (only about $1000 more), they said no, because it would go over the threshold where the General would have to report the expense to congress. That's speaks to the heart of the "front page test" of ethics.
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    That guy was a train just waiting to wreck, which is a shame because as a younger congressman, he had great potential. Of course, there were scandals about his staffers posting extremely racist comments on social media, and apparently he vehemently denied being homosexual, but was seen frequenting gay bars. Just be honest, dude. Being gay is 100% okay. Being racist or tolerant of racists, on the other hand, is not.

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    No intent to appear neither intrusive nor dismissive of your personal belief Matt … I just do not concur with your broad response that Being gay is 100 percent okay. I recognize my reply may not be considered as PC either…
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    According to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was considered a mental illness. It was also listed as a mental illness in the DSM-II. The removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay activists protested heavily at the APA conventions in San Francisco. Noteworthy is the fact that the vote of the membership was by no means unanimous. Only about 55% of the members who voted favored the change. So, all of the people who had this illness were "cured" overnight -- by a vote.
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    This obviously isn't my field, but you stated that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses wasn't trigger by science. Was science actually used to put it on there in the first place?

  8. Kizmet

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    Of course not, it was simple homophobia.

    BTW, as to our original topic, it now seems that our young Mr. Schock will be lucky to stay out of jail.
  9. Since experience has shown that a person who practices homosexuality or heterosexuality can change, one is not "gay" -- it's a behavioral term rather than a biological one. "Being tolerant" of someone who is racist is now non-PC? If Uncle Billy Bob or Brother Rufus are racists, that's their failing. I'm not going to join in on one of their diatribes, but if you apply that to public college campuses, just about any professor is going to be guilty (the number of anti-male-Caucasian professors was a shock to me). And, if the DSM-6 comes out saying that having intercourse with furries is simply an alternative, that doesn't make it so.

    Back to the original topic, if I had donated campaign funds to him, I think I'd be asking for them back...
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    To what "experience" are you referring?
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    Welcome back MC.
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  14. Are you honestly pretending that you have never heard of people who practice homosexuality and then change to a life of heterosexuality, or vice-versa?
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    I'm not "pretending" anything. I just asked a question.
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    But now that you mention it, maybe you're referring to this:

    "The first ex-gay ministry, Love in Action, opened in 1973, followed by several others, including Exodus International, which started in 1976 and grew to be the largest. Religion fused with pseudo-science in 1992 with the formation of the National Association for the Research and Treatment of Homosexuality, which is made up of academics and therapists who tout falsehoods such as the claim that people become gay because of childhood sexual abuse or because they didn’t “bond” properly with a same-sex parent. A variety of conversion therapy practitioners have used techniques ranging from the bizarre (banging on pillows with tennis rackets) to the cruel (physical, sexual and emotional abuse) to basic talk therapy.

    All of the nation’s leading professional medical and mental health associations have rejected conversion therapy as harmful and unnecessary. In spite of that, it is currently legally available for adults in every state. Two states—California and New Jersey—have banned it for minors. The New Jersey ban is being challenged in court."

    Redeemed: Former Ex-Gay Activist Renounces the Movement, Talks with Hatewatch | Hatewatch
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    Or he could be referring to Mayor De Blasio's wife... a, used to be, "card-carrying Lesbian" (whatever that means).

    And back to the OP, that politician should go to jail.

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