I'm looking for accredited DBA program online

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    This is for in-state students. The total price tag for out-of-state students is around $90k. I've already taken a good look at the program and have crossed it off my list.
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    Mitchell DBA program

    Here is the link.

    Doctor of Business Administration Program : Mitchell College of Business

    First & Second Year (Fall, Spring and Summer Term)
    In-State: $24,000 per year
    Out-of-State: $32,000 per year

    Third Year (No Summer Term)
    In-State: $17,500
    Out-of-State: $22,000

    Extended Weekend Classes:
    Courses will meet Friday, Saturday and half-day Sunday sessions held 11 times per year during the first two years of the program and 6 to 8 times per year during Year 3 of the program. Each session will include pre-session preparation activities and will be followed by post-session assignments which may be submitted electronically.

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    Wow! I did not see the price tag, but it seems that not a friendly state program at all. The University of Liverpool's AACSB DBA is still the winner.
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    PROS: Most of the coursework will be offered online.
    The school expects to admit up to 20 in the first class.

    CONS: Students should anticipate spending nine to 10 days on campus during each semester, which will be held primarily on weekends.
    Tuition will be around $20,000 annually, and a degree should take three years to complete.
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    Why so?

    E.g., University of Surrey (AACSB / AMBA) D.B.A. (via distance learning £11,025 /$17,659 USD)
    Doctor of Business Administration - University of Surrey - Guildford
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