I'm done for now...Part II

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    Just wanted to announce that I passed all my finals in the 4th semester of Penn Foster's CJ program and should be conferred an associates degree soon. I'd like to thank everyone and the forum for giving me the motivation to do this and especially Friendorfoe (aka Cajun from ELearners), Steve Foerster, TCord64, Faxinator, Kizmet, Abner, Kevin, Dr. Bear, Shotojuku, SShuang and a host of others too many to mention. As I'm an older student and have no desire to go into law enforcement (thinking more along the lines of security management) this degree will help round out my resume. As one person mentioned before in another thread I'll now be qualified to be a school crossing guard. No offense to school crossing guards but I'd make a terrible one. Again thanks to all.
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    The lady who lives next door is in her 80's, and she's been a crossing guard for the local school for nearly fifty years. My sons love her, she even took my eight-year-old to a military band concert during the summer. The other night some neighbors and I were drinking wine on the porch and she happened by saying she was about about to to a church meeting. I offered her a glass of bubbly before she went so she would say scandalous things and have a more interesting meeting, and she chucked and said she'd had two glasses of wine already. So nobody had better trash talk crossing guards here! :smile:
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    Congratulations!, that is great news!

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