If Russia did it.

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    There is no doubt that the British intelligence agencies are looking for a shadow quest to find the killers of the Alexander Litvinenko the former Russian spy who was poisoned recently in a British sushi bar.
    Every close observer of the handiwork and process of the death of Alexander Litvinenko bear the silent mark of the Russian secret service the Federal'naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti or FSB. It is the manner that the KGB and its cronies kill and murder those not playing to their rules and policies be it in Russia it self, Chechnya or any where in the world. I once read a novel that says the KGB or even (FSB) as it has been re baptized will get you irrespective of where you are or where you run to ( even back to your mother’s womb) unless you are not here on earth.
    It is very funny and ironic to see Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin aids deny the death of Mr. Litvinenko. Come on now!!! What do you except? So you think that Putin will happily and smilingly come out in a press conference and openly declare “we have got him”? That is absurd if anyone will be thinking so considering the secrecy and notoriety of the Russian intelligence network.
    Putin’s actions have said it all. Mess with the Kremlin or oppose any of Moscow’s actions and you pay heavily and most likely with your life. They will choose their own manner of assignation. It may not likely be the action of a gun throttling hired assign as we are accustomed to but now a simple radioactive handshake , radioactive kiss or what ever deadly weapon suites them.
    It will be very advisable for the British authorities to call the death of Mr. Litvinenko an out right murder. Yes, it is. Let us not mince words .They should rather gear all their investigation towards the murder of this naturalized British citizen.
    This whole story also raises a lot of questions about the transportation and the use of any type (fragment) of toxic material (even nuclear) fragments to kill innocent people. Many analysts feel that this could not have been possible if it is not state sponsored.
    Will terrorist ever come close to using this type of weapon on us one day? Will a rogue nation sponsor and assist terrorist to kill people in large number through this means? If the Russians can do it in this death of Mr. Litvinenko why can’t the others do it? Why is Moscow prosecutors telling the British investigators that they will not extradite any Russian citizen ever implicated in this death .Does it point to any shady Russian involvement?
    We have to find out what or who killed Mr. Litvinenko. It is a bizarre death that has opened a can of worms. Will this be the manner of assignations in the future? I am scared!!!
    Kennedy Kelechi Halams
    Kelechi is a PhD scholar at North Central University .
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    It is always concerning when there is contract killing of any kind. And Putin is scarey too, but he isnt going anywhere any time soon.


    Keep in mind, this guy was a spy and took an oath to the Russian Govt. He got into the game and played it on his own free will. You accept the bad with the good. If he violated that oath, and then sought safe haven in the UK, it changes the dynamic alittle bit. But murder is murder, you are correct about that.

    I am in love with the HBO series "The Wire". There is a character on show named "Omar" who robs drug dealers. A very thin comparison to a Robin Hood. BUT, he only rob dealers and runners, and only kills dealers and runners and dosent give to the poor, just Omar. As he said, "They chose to play the game" so if you sell crack in Baltimore and get robbed, or Spy for Russia and then violate your oath, you know what is going to happen...

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