If it comes down to Clinton and Trump, who would you vote for?

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    Again, Wikipedia provides a decent starting point. As for health reform, I admire her for sticking her neck out for that issue. Money spent by health insurance lobby contribute to her negative ratings to this day.
    For perspective, the thread is on comparing Clinton to Trump. Trump is on record as Putin advocate. Putin is a war criminal. With all Clintons' exposure to various foreign characters (through Bill's foundation), none of them are on record downplaying acts of radioactive terrorism in major ally's capital. Trump is. And this is just one of his missteps.
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    I knew this guy whose father was a VP at a small(ish) company. He was very bright. Very well educated. And his father got him a job straight out of college. About a year into his new job, his father retired. He (the son) stayed on for another 6 years and was promoted twice during that time.

    The entire time he was there he was accused of having had his job (and the promotions he earned after his father's retirement) "handed" to him. People didn't care about the certifications, the degrees or the skill.

    I'm not saying Hillary has any of those things. What I am saying is that when a person has a close association with someone more powerful than they are, their achievements tend to get downplayed.

    I'll agree that Hillary Clinton won some serious name recognition from being First Lady. And she likely never would have stood a chance in the New York Senate election had she shown up in Westchester straight from Little Rock.

    But she won a Senate seat fair and square and put in about 8 years there. Plus another four years as Secretary of State.

    So, she's had 12 years of service. And while her husband commands a certain amount of influence, he didn't sway the majority of New Yorkers into voting for her. She won those votes on her own. Secretary of State? Well, that's a political appointment. And President Obama likely had a variety of perfectly valid political reasons for putting her in that position.

    We can critique how well she performed there. We can criticize how well she stewarded secret data. But honestly, I feel like constantly bringing up Bill Clinton as the reason for her success is sort of playing dirty. The only reason we hear anything about Jeb Bush is because of his more famous father and brother. Otherwise, he's just a forgettable former governor. But people seem much more comfortable with the idea that Jeb Bush is only on our minds because he would be the third Bush to take the White House if he won while writing off anything Hillary has accomplished on her own as being merely a consequence of her marriage.

    Write-off her term as Secretary of State for her performance. Write it off for the data mis-management. But she maneuvered her way into that position. And it likely had more to do with the run for the money she gave Barack than who she beds with at night (which, considering we're talking about politicians, may or may not be her husband).
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    Before Bill's political rise, Hillary Rodham was a promising young lawyer well on par with Bill. It can be argued that, as much as Bill's name helped her lately, her career also suffered because she chose to extend time and effort supporting his career, then consciously yielded the spotlight. She clearly was high profile enough for Bill to attempt "two for the price of one" gimmick in his campaign.
    Also, all the things you said.

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