Ideas on which 5 tests to take for these

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  1. Anthony23

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    I just got my Excelsior evaluation receiving 100 credit hours towards BSLA degree, so I only have the following left:
    - 3 courses I'll take with Excelsior (Info Literacy, Cornerstone, Capstone);
    - About 5 exams I want to take with CLEP, DSST, (and, if needed EC).

    Any thoughts on the easiest path to finish these 5ish exams?

  2. Anthony23

    Anthony23 New Member

    Someone indicated this path - any other comments are welcome:
  3. bernieyeater

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    I know your going to an keep you eye on upper division credits. I don't think the dsst Ethics is upper division anymore. I think the World religion may not be either. Go to ACE to find out. Check it instacert flash cards for CLEP too. Great value.

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