I need input from WGU students!

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  1. LJam4U

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    *This is my second attempt at posting this since I didn't see the thread from the first time I tried*

    Hi all,

    I've narrowed down my options, and right now I'm seriously considering Western Governors University (BA Interdisciplinary Studies, PK-8 teaching license). I'm in contact with an Enrollment person, and I should receive another e-mail from them soon.

    Basically I want to know what it's really LIKE doing the work. I've read enough to know that this is all competency-based work (which I admire), but I *would* like a list of the types of classes/tests that are required. I do know there's a lot of writing involved (ugh... love reading, hate writing), but I'm able to commit to it. I'd also like to know what the format is like as well.

    Also, I've heard that the school is conservative when it comes to accepting past credits. I have over 64 college credits (the oldest is from 2003), and I have *most* of what would be considered "core courses" at traditional colleges, but I'd like to know people's experiences with having credits accepted.

    Any of the above information is welcome, and thanks in advance. I've searched and came across some posts on the college (and a pretty good article explaining a lot of the process), but I'd like to hear personal experiences. Nothing beats that.

    PS If WGU doesn't work out for me, I'm considering an online Birth-K teaching licensure program from East Carolina University, but I'd rather not teach Pre-K or Kindergarten (3rd or 4th grade is what I desire).

    SAKURASAKU New Member

    Hi. I was introduced to WGU,too.
    The tuition seems dificult, but sounds good school to me,too.
    I have a question,
    are you going to obtain the teaching licensure over the online?
  3. geoffs

    geoffs Member

    I wrote WGU about taking the MBA.

    They were all over me, I have a US address but I am not a US Citizen (Note I live in Canada as my residence and I am 15 mins from the border).

    I told them I my situation and they dropped all contact despite their application states a SSN is not required, and I don't see why I can't use my US address (its only 20 mins away from my place).

    Their degree info was ok, its competency based not so much a test with pass/fail as with Heriot Watt but seemed very flexible.

    Their Tuition was 3200, and I figured if I took 6 months off I could do it straight, however some work came up and Aspen dropped their price so I guess that's how things went.

    If you want to contact some WGU grads I'd try joining Linked IN
  4. LJam4U

    LJam4U New Member

    Yes, I'm going to obtain the license online, but from what I'm reading on the site I have to student teach in my local school system.
  5. franksed

    franksed New Member

    I got Edumacated at WGU!

    As it happens, I just graduated from WGU this week with a BS in Business management.

    I started in May, 2005, so it took three terms to complete the BSBM program. I had 4 of the 20 required domains credited from transfers from previous schools, and had to complete the remaining 16 domains.

    Tuition is about 2800 bucks per 6-month term for undergraduate courses, and 3200 bucks for post-grad courses.

    There is really no REQUIRED course, or courses of learning. Credits are accrued by passing the competency domains. You pass these domains through formal testing at secure testing centers (In my case, I used the testing centers as UC San Marcos and Mira Costa College to take the formal exams), through completing specific work assignments, and through completing projects and submitting written reports. There is, by the way, a fairly substantial amount of written work that was required for my degree. My capstone project report, for instance, came in at just south of 100 pages.

    You could, theoretically, pass all the competencies without taking any courses at all, although I'm not sure anyone has ever done that. Usually, however, you work with your faculty advisor, known as a mentor, at the beginning of every term to choose the competencies you will attempt to pass that term. There are a number of study options.

    You might take an online course through Wasatch E-learning. These are online courses, led by an instructor, and usually last for 6 to eight weeks, with assignments due every week. At the end of the class, these assignments are combined into a single task document which is then submitted to WGU for grading.

    Alternatively, a competency might be completed through taking a number of online learning modules through Thompson NetG. Each of these learning modules takes anywhere from 1 to four hours to finish. For my last term at WGU, for the three upper-division business domains, I had 87 NetG modules to complete. Once you complete the modules, you can schedule a pre-assessment to find out areas where you need further study, and assuming you do well on the pre-assessment, schedule your formal assessment at a testing center, which is usually at a local community college or university testing center.

    The bottom line at WGU, however, is not the amount of time, or method of learning. You are graded solely on whether you can demonstrate adequate knowledge of the study domain.

    All of the e-learning courses, netG modules, and assessments are covered by your tuition. Books are an extra cost, but you can minimize that cost considerably by buying used books through Amazon, which is what I did.

    There are no "semesters" or anything like that. The number of 6-month terms it takes you to graduate depends entirely on how long it take you to complete the competency requirements. If you can do it 18 months, like I did, that's great. If not, then it takes the amount of time it takes. It is passing the competencies, not some arbitrary amount of time, that determines when you get your degree.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    PS: I liked it so much, I am starting the MBA program on 1 Dec 06.
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  6. LJam4U

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    Just an update

    I applied at WGU today... I had been planning on doing so and it just so happens I saw an e-mail in my inbox that promises to waive the Application fee if the Intake Interview is completed by Dec. 15th. I contacted my admissions counselor to get the code and did the app (it'll take 2 days for me to get in the system. I'm excited now, I can't wait to start!

    And, oh yeah -- for those that didn't know: WGU is the first online Teacher's college to receive NCATE accredation! http://www.wgu.edu/wgu/press_release_108.asp

    Potential teachers take note...:)
  7. Brewster

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    Soon-to-be WGU graduate

    I'm graduating from WGU in February with my MBA. I know that the teacher's college is pretty much WGU's flagship right now...it would be very hard to go wrong here. Also, I think franksed summed up the school pretty well, there's not much I could add.

    I will say that my experience with the school has been awesome from start to finish. It's a lot of work, and it's not for everybody. But for those who are self-motivated and can pace themselves, you can't do any better.

    I'm finishing the MBA program in 18 months. This was a very comfortable, almost slightly relaxed pace for me, as I work full time like most people. However, if you have a lot of free time during the day, you may be able to complete any program you like in under a year. The faster you finish, the less you pay. Pretty sweet deal for the extremely motivated. Good luck!
  8. Deviant

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    I also applied recently. Taking advantage application waiver.

    So far a couple of my transcripts have been recieved. However they've been a little slow on receiving the other ones.

    Records department at the school stated that they were mailed prechristmas.

    I'll update more as I wade through the process. Definately curious how everything is going to transfer in.

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