I keep getting this trash

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  1. Broderick

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    I got this in the mail (again). Will it ever stop?


    Barrington Home
    Free Application
    Financial Assistance

    Barrington University: Invested in Your Future

    For more than ten years, Barrington University has offered recognized bachelor's and master's degrees to the working adult seeking to advance their education and career. Our students benefit from an open learning environment designed to meet their specific needs. Barrington University continually strives to meet and exceed our students' expectations. This is the goal of Barrington University, and our commitment to you.

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    The advantages to earning your advanced
    degree through Barrington University:

    Internet- based
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    Self-paced schedule
    Updated curriculum
    Affordable tuition and financial assistance
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    Barrington University

    $200 Tuition Discount
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    Contact a Barrington University Administrator today for more details.


    e-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Degree Programs
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    Virtual Campus

    Member United States Distance Learning Association
    Licensed State of Alabama

    You are receiving this e-mail from Barrington University because you requested information on our programs. To remove your name from future announcements, please click here and type "Remove" in the subject area. We are sorry to lose you from our mailings and hope that you might consider Barrington in the future. Please click here to provide us with any input to better serve you.
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    We had an internal Virtual Job Fair here at work...where you log into the Wan and view all of the jobs that are available...

    It was sponsored by Barrington with a similar message attached to the banner and links to their homepage.

  3. irat

    irat New Member

    maybe you can block the sender

    Once the advertising spam starts, it seems to keep coming. It is as though they sell the list.
    One of the things I hate is that some companies do not unsubscribe you when you request it. I have been unsubsribing for months and get the same picture of a man shrugging. Unfortunately they keep changing the company email address so it avoids my block.
    Maybe I'll change my email account.
    I also set my machine to let me know when "cookies" are being sent. You'd be suprized how many times they come looking for you.
    all the best!

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