I got an interesting letter from The Harvard GSE today.

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    Hey folks,

    I received a letter from the Harvard Graduate School of Education today. If there are any educators in the K-12 field they might find it interesting.

    "Dear Michael,

    We believe that there is no one more qualified than a school leader to identify the next generation of principles and teacher leaders. Therefore, we invite you to assist us in our search for outstanding educators who would be interested in attending the Harvard Graduate School of Education to pursue the Masters of Education in School leadership."

    It goes on to discuss the need of experienced professionals to identify ideal candidates and the program itself. It ends with;

    "Please distribute this letter to appropriate faculty and ask them to consider applying. For more information on the School Leadership Program visit our web site, www.gse.harvard.edu/slp. Additionally, we are happy to announce that, for a limited number of outstanding potential leaders, we have financial assistance available to cover 2/3 of tuition and fees."

    It is signed by a number of administrators that I met when I attended a program at the Harvard GSE.

    I thought this might be interesting for some out there, even though it has nothing to do with DL.



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