I Don't Believe It....

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Lauradglas, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. leo

    leo Member

    Well done Laura. Congrats.
  2. PhiloScholar

    PhiloScholar Member


    Hey bro, clean out your mailbox. How do you expect anyone to send you PMs if its full?

    - Shawn
  3. PhiloScholar

    PhiloScholar Member

    Awesome Job! Congrats!

    - Shawn
  4. Kit

    Kit New Member

    Laura, congratulations! Believe it, because you did it!

    Oh, and one more thing ...

    Nahhh, not gonna happen. You mentioned in Momof5's thread that you have 7 children. That classroom full of teens might be able to scare a neophyte, but they won't have a chance at getting anything over on you. If you raised 7 you already are an expert on children, now you just have a college degree on top of all that. ;)

    Again, congratulations and best wishes for your future,
  5. AJArndt

    AJArndt New Member

    Congratulations, and you deserve it!!! Way to go, and best wishes in all of your future endeavors!!! You are an awesome inspiration to all of us still plugging away!!!
    Thank you,
  6. jcooper

    jcooper New Member

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    -- James
  7. Mark A. Sykes

    Mark A. Sykes Member

    Congratulations from a fellow TESC alumnus!

    Now you can update your signature with some letters.
  8. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Great Job!!!!!! Congrats!

    Abner :)

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