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    Online school SME (subject matter expert) at my present assignment, however I have yet another proxy question for the educated masses. :squareeyed:

    Columbia Southern University OR Trident University for the MS in Safety

    I know one is NA and one is RA, however the the sad fact is both places have had some issues over the few years. I feel that if I only give him an answer based solely on accreditation that I will be doing an injustice. This is due to the fact that I have seen many great NA programs out there.

    After looking at both programs I see that one (CSU) is 99% Ocp Safety and Health courses and the other (TUI) is an MBA with a Safety Mgmnt concentration.

    I believe that the MBA is more versatile than the strict Occupational Safety degree however, Occupational Health and Safety is the only profession he is interested in. :smashfreakB:

    No GRE's or thesis for either option.

    Just a few opinions would help, Peace...
  2. Petedude

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    Washington, DC proper? Of the two, Trident as it's RA. Outside of DC and in the South, I'd say Columbia Southern.

    This is assuming another poster doesn't come up with a better option.
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  4. LearningAddict

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    From what I can see, Columbia Southern has a really good reputation, so to that effect you probably won't find better in the NA arena. But if RA is the biggest decider, there are far better options than Trident, and much cheaper ones to boot.
  5. 03310151

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    Hmmm....I know next to nothing about Safety and Occupational Health other than having to sit through classes on fire extinguishers, ladder use, and hazardous material handling, but IMHO RA>NA if all other things are equal. But some might not care.

    I'd look elsewhere than those two programs, again my opinion. Is there anything closer to where you guys are located that offer programs?
  6. truckie270

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    Programs that qualify for advanced standing in the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation process:


    Personally, I would probably get this graduate certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Alabama and then transfer the credits into a more versatile graduate degree program (MPA or MBA) and just list the grad. cert. on the resume:

    Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health and Safety Management (Online) | Overview

    There are far too many better options out there to narrow the list down to Columbia Southern or Trident.
  7. Randell1234

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    Here is another certificate - UWF - Online Campus - Certificates
    Public Health - Graduate Catalog - University of West Florida
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    Wow, funny I could only find those two schools and EKU. He does not want EKU because of the GRE requirement. I will pass this list along to him, and I'll look them over tonight as well. I think people (some government co-workers) just want an easy way into a grad program, me included. For those that know me here, I am a true "on the fence" guy and one day I'll just start taking classes. Usually after beating the list to DEATH here on DI, too much caution I guess. However I love being informed, and hate wasting my time - so there ya have it!. I never hide my alter ego online university life at work either so I guess that is why I get all the questions on DE. They think I'm sharp when I give them your answers!!! No, mostly I just direct them here, like I did at the NYIT forums. Great replies, simply great!
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    Don't fear the GRE...it's just another test.
  10. soupbone

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    That's a great option and I've even considered it before. For the school name recognition, it's relatively inexpensive. Where would you recommend transferring the credits to after completion though?
  11. truckie270

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    That would depend entirely on what the individual's end goal would be, but there are exponentially more options available to complete a MBA or MPA that would allow all or a portion of a graduate certificate to be transferred in for credit towards the degree.
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    Well I hit him up with the info I got last night. He does not want to take the GRE, says he does horrible at tests, but writes great. That is understandable so the list dwindles, yes the Grad certs were of great interest.

    He wants the degree for future growth and promotion, and since it's federal I would venture to say NA would fit the bill.

    My final question to him was, "will you be going for a PHD? - no". So I say CSU fits?
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