I applied to Excelsior, now what???

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by JurassicVagabond, Mar 11, 2004.

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    I know this might sound a bit strange, but I'm wondering what I can do now that I have applied to Excelsior. I filled out the $60 application and mailed it along with my payment, and copies of my transcripts (that total 100 quarter hours and 5 semester hours -- I'm assuming the 100 quarter will be converted to about 60 semester).

    One thing that I'm somewhat concerned about is that I'm not an expert at taking tests, and my Associate's Degree is in Business. I wish for my Bachelor's from Excelsior to be a Liberal Arts degree with a Psychology major -- but only have Introduction to Psychology. The individual I talked to at Excelsior (very nice) told me that I might try portfolio assessment to gain around 15 credits for classes that I sat through (in which I took notes) that weren't college level. For my job, I actually had to take a Biology and Chemistry class -- but they weren't regionally or even DETC accredited. So, I'll probably try Charter Oak for those assessments.....

    Does anybody have ANY experience taking the GRE test in Psychology or ANY of the Excelsior exams?? My admissions advisor told me I could earn the Psychology major if I could complete the GRE in Psychology and the ECE exam in Statistics and Research Methods. She seemed very persuasive when she told me that there was a very high success rate out of individuals who had taken the Excelsior exams...... she basically said the packets would tell me what to read in each book.......

    I'm just more-or-less wanting to finish this degree by this time next year (or possibly even April or early May). Excelsior is telling me -- that with my prior credits -- this is VERY POSSIBLE. Can I do this -- and does anybody have any experience with Excelsior or their tests / GRE tests / and transfer of other credits to Excelsior they would like to share with me? Any help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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    you can try this web sites that tell you all that you will need to know. There is also a web site that hit on the big three but at this time can't locate it for you. I hope this helps.

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    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

    YOU'VE TAKEEN THE FIRST STEP! You started checking out your options, I would encourage you to try COSC, TESC, and EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE as well.

    YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS. Just a month ago I was where you are now. The good folks here share their experiences and make things easier for each of us who come along later.

    Check out this forum's threads there is PLENTY of information on here about GREs and the Psych GRE specifically. Excelsior will give you up to 30 hours credit for the 80th percentile, Empire State will give you up to 36.

    My sincerest best wishes to you for your success! Please keep us on this forum informed of your progress and expereinces, you never know who or how many people will benefit from what you learn!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


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