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    After much battle, with continuous searching, I finally applied to an ideal program. I applied to Northern Arizona University, through their online format, and am pursuing a M.Ed. in Human Relations.

    What I enjoy about this program is that I qualify for in-state tuition, even though I out of state.

    I qualify because the where I live, in combination to the grad program I'm pursing, qualifies for in-state tuition under WRGP:

    Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) | Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

    Has anyone known about this program? Does anyone else know about similar programs? This can surly help others who are interested in minimizing the cost of school if they are able to get the right program and live in the right area.

    Ultimately, I love that I can complete my a masters, in the field I want to study for roughly $12K, from a state school. This surely is a fraction off from other schools. :banana:

    I'm just submitted my application, wish me luck :laugh2:
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    Congrats, I wish you the best. A good masters degree + a reputable school without breaking the bank = a complete no-brainer. Again congrats and good luck to you, you will surely be busy in 2013. :banana::banana:
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    There are several regional tuition discount programs, including programs for residents of (1) western states, (2) midwestern states, (3) southeastern states, and (4) New England states. For more details, see this link. Definitely worth checking out. The options are particularly good if you happen to live in North Dakota, which participates in both (1) and (2).

    Downsides: regional discounts may only be available for certain programs at certain schools; often the most popular and prestigious schools and programs are excluded. In some cases, you may only be eligible to participate if a given program is unavailable within your home state.

    In California, for example, the University of California system does not participate at all; the UC schools do not offer any WICHE discounts to out-of-state students, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. The only schools in California that participate are those in the less selective California State University system, and even in that case, WICHE discounts are available only at certain CSU campuses, primarily the less popular ones.
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    The best of luck to you! How exciting! :smile:

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