"I am well educated." says George Weah

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  4. Jake_A

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    Fake degree holder may become President!

    Oh, boy. What a sad example for newbies and youngsters.

    The mass media ought to tell this "Harvard versus Fake U" story.


    Credit: news.yahoo.com

    "Liberians vote in presidential runoff"
    By TODD PITMAN, Associated Press Writer Tue Nov 8, 5:46 AM ET

    "MONROVIA, Liberia - A soccer star vying to become Liberia's first postwar president vowed to work for peace as he voted Tuesday in a presidential runoff that many hope will herald a new era after a quarter century of coups and conflict."

    More .....

    Here is the story.
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  5. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    My apologies. The corrected link is: here

    ... And a follow-up education story is here:
  6. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Apparently it will take a few days to get all the votes counted.
    Stay tuned.
  7. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    the other candidate

    It might be worth pointing out that George Weah's opponent, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,
    is a former economist with the World Bank, FWTW.
  8. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    ....... and a Harvard graduate.

    I hope that she gets elected and thus become the real first woman Head of State in Africa. I may be engaging in incurable wishful thinking.

    Some people think that the honor and appellation, "first woman head of state in Africa," belongs to Mrs. Ruth Perry, who in 1996, was appointed head of the Interim Government of Liberia and therefore arguably became the first woman head of state in Africa.

    If I had a vote, I would have voted for Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, although I cringe at the enormous problems facing her or George Weah, reported to include a bankrupt economy, suffocating unemployment, high rates of illiteracy, and a long history of ethnic and regional divisions that have fueled conflict for decades.

    Best of luck to whoever wins the elections. They - and the country - will need it.

  9. JamesK

    JamesK New Member

    Actually, I don't think that she would get the appellation "first woman head of state in Africa" either.

    HM Queen Elizabeth II was Queen of many African countries (at least until the 1960s/early 1970s.)
  10. JamesK

    JamesK New Member

    Not to mention Queen Victoria.
  11. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Anyone who is interested in monitoring the election results can find the continuously updated figures at the site below.
    At the time of this writing Johnson-Sirleaf is ahead.
  12. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Blessings on your head, Jack. Thanks.

    Great link--the county by county results are fascinating.
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  13. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Weah leading by huge margins in Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Sinoe, and River Gee counties; Johnson-Sirleaf leading everywhere else by more moderate margins, and somewhat ahead in the general count thus far.
    This as of 7 AM EST (US) on Thursday.
  14. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    Fascinating! ..... and hopefully, a promising outcome.

    Thanks, Jack (and Uncle J)!
  15. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    As of 1 AM EST (US):
    Johnson-Sirleaf 59% (Unity Party)
    Weah 40% (CDC Party)

    The map link is now (why?) showing results from the preliminary election last month. Click on "President" in the row of boxes below the map to get the most current count from the 8 November election.
  16. Dave C.

    Dave C. New Member

    It seems Johnson-Sirleaf is in - Liberia's 'Iron Lady' claims win

    Interesting she has offered George Weah a place in her government.

    Maybe a Harvard-educated World Bank economist is what this troubled state needs.


    Time will tell.


    Dave C.
  17. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    Yipeeee! Great thread, Jack!

    "Thanks," Uncle J, for the link and "Thanks," Dave C., for the update.

    Economist Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Harvard U) trumps dazzling soccer wizard George Weah (PWU-diploma mill degree claimant)?


    It appears that the "Iron Lady" has done it! A new day for Liberia - and great women of Africa (I would hope).

    Also the focus that was put on the importance of schooling (and accredited higher education) in the closing days of the elections campaign may have done some good, re: putting students on the right, not necessarily most expedient, path.


    Credit: BBC News

    "Blazing a trail for Africa's women
    "By Lucy Fleming
    "BBC News website

    "African women are celebrating history in the making, as Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf looks set to become the continent's first elected woman president."
  18. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Yesterday's results, 90% of ballots counted:

    Johnson-Sirleaf, 59%
    Weah, 41%

    Weah, not surprisingly, says he will protest the results.
  19. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I'd like to offer a final comment.

    Liberia became a focus on this forum primarily because of the alleged accreditation of SRU by the Liberian Department of Education (or somesuch). It turned out that this accreditation was simply graft, money paid to corrupt goverment officials for the priviledge of "Liberianauthorization." Even the most cursory examination revealed that Liberia was a country in the midst of a disasterous civil war. There was, effectively, no government. Further probing revealed that there had been designed, false websites, claiming to be of the government of Liberia, supporting SRU. In due time these were shown to be just a part of a larger scam. This scam was designed to take advantage of the chaos and unscrupulous environment that existed in Liberia. Uncounted thousands of people lost their lives during this period. The Randocks sought to take advantage of this chaos and defrauded countless people with the claim of "Liberian Accreditation." This new election is the manifestation of the hope that Liberia can return to being a peaceful, law abiding, productive society. My curiosity regarding the alleged "home" of SRU grew into a concern for a nation that has a unique connection to the USA. My hope now is that the people of Liberia receive the sort of government that places the welfare of the citizens above the welfare of the officials.
    Unabashed idealism.
  20. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    It's not over?

    Dr. Bear: you are correct!

    Supporters of soccer wizard, George Weah (who said some time ago, "I am well-educated," probably with a copy of his diploma-mill PWU "degree" in his pocket), are protesting the election results.

    Credit: washingtonpost.com

    "Liberians Protest Soccer Star's Defeat In Presidential Runoff,
    "Monitors Say Apparent Victory by Economist Was Largely Fair
    "By Lane Hartill
    "Special to The Washington Post
    "Saturday, November 12, 2005; Page A17

    "MONROVIA, Liberia, Nov. 11 -- Supporters of former Liberian soccer star George Weah clashed with U.N. peacekeepers Friday in the capital after results of a presidential runoff election showed his apparent defeat by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a former World Bank official."


    Oh, boy. I hope that this is not foreboreding of further violence in the trouble-plagued nation. Liberia needs a good break. I hope that Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf's apparent election provides the nation that break.

    Well-stated. Beautiful sentiment.

    Misplaced idealism? No.

    Will this ever come to pass? Yes, I have no doubts about this.

    (Well, ok, a few doubts .... but we can "keep hope alive," can't we)?

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