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    Anyone know anything about Distance Learning Systems, based in Greenwood, Indiana?

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    Seems a bit like Bridgepoint/COSC course provider partnership but rather vague. Says credits useable at 118 online colleges(why only 118?) And what colleges?If you knew you could ask colleges. Does have phone and you could call and give it the Dr. Bear test. If someone answers "hello" and then"Mom,telephone for you!" upon your asking for someone in charge then,well, it is best to assume that this will not work.
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    Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Planet Mongo
    There's been discussion of DLSI preparing students for Excelsior degrees. Perhaps they are offering their own degrees now?
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    Perhaps the academic dean brought her eight year old daughter to work due to a last minute crisis at child care. The daughter picks up the phone before mom can get to it, then says, "Mom, telephone for you!" It would be sad indeed to categorize the school a mill over such a possible scenario...............;)
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    I live about 20 minutes from this place. I will go check them out this week if I get a chance and report my findings.
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    They advertised a week ago in the Indianapolis Star for an academic advisor; this week's ad is for Inside Education Sales:

    "Distance Learning Sys
    tems Indiana, Inc. is ac
    cepting applications for
    friendly enthusiastic In
    side Salespeople. 30K-
    40K potential 1st year.
    Top commissions with
    guarantee benefits.
    Strong desire to help stu
    dents achieve their aca
    demic goals. Begin paid
    training August 29th. If
    you are highly motivated
    and have a minimum of 2
    years college please fax
    or e-mail a cover letter
    and resume by Friday,
    July 22nd to [contact details snipped]"


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