HR Training-Business Courses or Instructional Technology?

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    I'm interested in switching from teaching ESL to HR Training and will return to the USA this fall.

    I've finished the MS Ed in Online Teaching and Learning from Cal State Hayward. I'm currently working on the e-Cornell HR post grad diploma. I also plan on taking the PHR this fall.

    My question is, I've seen posts on the web that say you should concentrate in HR type things like Org Development, etc.. I've also read posts that you should focus on things like testing/evaluation. The program at Cal State was strong on the finishing end of online teaching. But was very weak on evaluation/testing.

    I'd like to do a second Masters's either in Instructional Design or something like Human Relations & Business. I can go either way and would like some input from someone who has more knowldge in this area.
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    I'm inclined to think that an MEd Online Teaching and Learning and an MEd/MSc Instructional Design are close enough to the same animal as to not offer you the significant benefits you might get from another grad degree in another area.

    You can add some content in educational testing and evaluation with a grad diploma or even some stand-alone classes.

    I'd think too that you could present a good PhD/EdD application into Educational Measurement based on the MEd you already have if you were inclined.

    Much probably depends on what you intend to specialize in. At this point you have an HR generalist background with a strong training specialization. (IMHO)

    If training is the functional specialty you want to follow then an MEd/MSc in Instructional Design won't hurt you (though an EdD might be more valuable -- or not, business land is strange)

    If you go ahead into Instructional Design you may find yourself pigeon-holed into the training function. If you want to keep the greatest number of doors open in HR you might want to consider something as an HR generalist such as a management MS or an MBA with HR emphasis.

    Just my opinions though... :D
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    You mentioned that you wanted a course on assessment. Here is a course taught at the UCLA Extension.

    Distance Learning Assessment Theory (Online)
    X 396.08 Education 4 units $515

    This course includes in-depth modules that present various assessment formats that can be used for evaluating students in online courses, programs, seminars, and other virtual classroom scenarios. Standard models and hybrids are explored in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each. Module topics include models of assessment theory, the application of assessment theory to online education, online assessment as a learning experience, and the necessary adjustments when evaluating students in distance learning. Instruction is designed to provide students ample opportunities to apply distance learning assessment theory to their particular areas of interest in curriculum development and establishes both theoretical and practical bases of recent developments in distance education.

    The course is taught by Dr. Dale Maeder, he's a adjunct at UCLA and is the coordinator for the schools test center. His major research interest is in distance education and assessment. I am taking another course (Teaching and Learning Models for Online Courses) with him. It is challenging, but I'm learning. Another thing is that he gives you feedback right away. Sometimes the same day. I can't tell how much it annoys me when I have to wait three weeks to get my grade.

    Here is a link to the program's homepage:

    They are coming out with the summer schedule in a couple of days and it is my understanding that they offer allcore courses (which this one is) every quarter.

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