HR Cert Overkill?

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    I've completed the MS Ed program in Online Teaching and Learning at Cal State Hayward and I'm currently working on the e-Cornell HR certificate.

    The thing is, it seems like HR is pretty hard to break into especially if you've been out of the US workforce like I have for more than 8 years. I'm currently an ESL teacher in Asia. I've got plenty of spare time to study.

    I was wondering if additionally doing Southern Columbia's Certificates in Environmental Compliance, Environmental Hygiene MGT and Employment Law Specialist is overkill? Do you think it would be wasted effort or not look right on a resume?

    One reason I'm interested in the cert’s is I can do them in months vs. the 1 year plus another Masters would take. I'm planning to return to the USA for good this fall.

    I used to be an Environmental Lab Tech (which I don't want to go back to!) I'm kind of interested in the Legal/Training end of HR. Comments, please!
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    Are you planning on taking the PHR exam upon completion of your e-Cornell HR certificate?

    I would think the PHR certification would add more value, as you try to break into HR, than the additional certificates.
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    You never know what can happen. I fell into HR by accident -- I was working as first an RA (during grad work on my MBA to transition to doctorate), then as a Research Associate for an HR prof in Texas. He let me have a lot of latitude and control over what he assigned me, and so I gained quite a bit.

    As a result of that, I was asked, as part of my service work here at UAE University (I've been in the EFL field, teaching, since '97), to do some research/data analysis and other things for our HR. That work led me into the (newly-created) HR position I hold now. Granted, this isn't how it normally works, but keep in mind that most of this was done outside the US, and I'll be over here several more years whilst doing my Ph.D. (focusing on HR).

    So, you never know. By gaining some knowledge first, you might be able to get into an entry-level position, particularly if you extoll the virtues of someone who can teach and write (based on being an EFL teacher). You may not want to do the training and development angle forever, but it might get you in the door.

    The PHR is a good cert to have . . . I'll be sitting for the GPHR (Global) next year. Keep in mind, though, that even if you do pass the exam, you can't use the designation unless you have at least two years work experience directly in HR.

    I'd recommend joining SHRM and availing yourself of all the really good resources they have. They also have forum boards, so it's a good chance to start to network with other HR professionals and get your name out there.

    Hope this helps!

  4. skywire

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    Yes, I am planning to take the HRH in the fall when I return to the USA. As far as I know, it is not possible to take it in Korea. In the meantime, I was planning on the CSU cert's as additional qualifications. Like I said, I'd like to do a second Masters, but with time constraints, it is feasable to do at least 2 certs in addition to the e-Cornell one.

    I did join SHRM as a student for $35.00. I filled out the application online, paid by credit card and sent a copy of my tuition statement from e-Cornell.

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