Howard vs. Latham Downunder

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by adamsmith, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Countdown to next Saturday's Federal election in Australia.

    Both parties are neck to neck. Both leaders are throwing money and promises about as if there is no tomorrow.

    So we don't upset religious sensitivities, we won't call this 'pork barrelling'. However, the amount in questions certainly are not 'chicken feed'.

    Democracy in action - sponsored by the deep pockets of the long suffering tax payer, of course!

    It's easy to promise to spend other people's money.

    Just like it is easy to go to war if others are going and not you!
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    'Seems' to be more money being thrown around than last time, but that may not be the case as I haven't checked.

    We usually don't change Governments when there is conflict going on globally that we are active in, and we usually don't favour the State Governments being the same persuasion as the Federal Government. Add to that the fact that the leader of the Labour Party [Latham] has never even had a portfolio in Government, broke a taxi drivers arm over a fare, and my money is on the Liberals [Howard].

    That being said I am in the 'safe' seat held by the Labour's deputy leader, and my vote as with the majority in Australia won't mean a thing, as a handful of marginal seats and the minor parties preferences will decide Government. In any event we should know the result within 3 hours of the votes closing at 6 PM. Not bad for a backward country ....!

    It is however interesting this time around being semi retired and a pre baby boomer >60 year old, to notice the overtures to the 'grey voter' ... and on the other hand having my last child [9/9] commencing 5 long years of law/commerce or commerce/arts next year at the age of 17 and noticing the issues in education for the last time.
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