Howard Law Professor Guilty of Sexual Harassment Over Test Question

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    Pretty wild situation here.

    The story:

    The question:

    The professor's lawyer:
    "[It’s] silly but relatively harmless [if Howard Law School] wants to treat its students as delicate snowflakes who must be protected from unpleasant hypothetical cases… [But a] formal finding that a professor is guilty of ‘sexual harassment’ because of a discussion in class, that’s libelous of him as an individual and debases the whole concept."
    From Law School Final Exam Basis Of Sexual Harassment Charge | Above the Law
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    I read the exam question. Am not in favor of treating students like delicate Ming vases--ask my students--and there are times where teaching certain subjects you must get a little ribald (e.g., the Miller Test for Obscenity). That said, while there's legitimate issues about whether this test question standing alone would be actionable sexual harassment, the prof obviously was: 1). trying to make some cute point about Title VII law and is tone deaf, clueless, and it completely backfired, 2). has a frat boy attitude and was playing what he thought was a funny prank, or 3). is a pervert getting his kicks. That was way inappropriate.
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    Or, it could be something I do sometimes. It creates distraction on top of stress to test if students can remain focused. Different field, but lawyers can have lots of distraction.

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