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Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by cmt, Oct 11, 2003.

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    Charter Oak has offered me 1 credit for 4 years of military service. So, I am considering trying the portfolio route if they don't change their mind. I found this web page and I can honestly say that I have done 99.9% of everything listed there. Since Troy State University awards 16 credit hours for this is it likely COSC would accept a portfolio based on it - that's how it's done right?

    How do I portfolio things like "pretrial restraint and rights of accused persons, search and seizure, nonpunitive disciplinary measures, nonjudicial punishment, and the court-martial system." Although I did have a few classes on NJP's, UCMJ, etc. I, like all military folk, learned everything by living it. I learned the UCMJ inside and out by watching all my friends get busted down (article 134's) and kicked out (article 112a's) :D.

    How do you portfolio things like this?
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    See for a start.
    Then review my comments in my response to your other thread on the same question.
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    What branch and what MOS cmt?

    If COSC only awarded you 1 credit for your time in service, does that mean ACE has not evaluated your MOS and/or MOS schools? If not, I think Troy State would not grant you the military science minor; although, they are quite liberal with the transfer credit (My military credit filled up the 16 credit minor and the rest of the elective requirement, which mostly comprised of electronics/avionics credit [which, to me, has nothing to do with military science, but oh well.]).

    At anyrate, I knew a guy who worked with me that was an (not sure it this is the right rate) AD1 in the Navy before he got out. Apparently, the school he was going to (don't know which), wouldn't just grant him credit for his service. So, they told him he had to make a portfolio of his experiences in the military. He told me he had his dd214, medal and ribbon citations, letter of recommendations, promotion warrants, MOS description and duties, etc., etc. Put it in order and gave it to them; they gave him full credit (whatever that was). So, I think a portfolio for military experience might be a little easier than other subjects because there is plenty of stuff documented to use.

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: Re: How to portfolio - Military?

    Thanks, I think I have an idea where to start now.

    I had a few MOS's, but I wasn't an airwinger. ACE did evaluate and suggest about a semester worth of credit for some things, but COSC will not accept it 'as is.'

    What's odd is that two highly ranked schools that I applied to gave me full credit for everything ACE evaluated, yet COSC (of all schools) is so penurious.

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