How to get Proof of accreditation for TESC (BSBA) during the time of studies

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    I understand why you think that, but I have to tell you that you're wrong. Anabin does not really care about CIP codes. H+/- has different meanings and one is that such an institution offers both, recognized and unrecognized degrees. ("recognized" by Anabin!) TESU offers an MBA, but has no AACSB accreditation. Such a degree from an US school is not recognized in Germany.
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    Does it have to be AACSB? What if they're ACBSP? As TESU BSBA and MBA should have ACBSP, their Associate and Doctoral DBA still doesn't...
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    An MBA from FH Burgenland is a "Lehrgang zur Weiterbildung". Calling such a degree “kind of propio” is simply not correct. (But there are a few similarities...)
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    Yes, it has to be AACSB. This rule has been around since the early 90s. Personally, I am of the opinion that it urgently needs to be changed, but I don't make the rules.
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    "AACSB oder die Autobahn!" (AACSB or the Autobahn.) I just checked the search-thingy and it appears I've written this NINE times on DI. I'm soooo boring, everyone missed it. :) And, @AsianStew German Authorities will show no mercy for American ACBSP MBAs. Not even ONE. The AACSB rule applies to US MBA degrees only. Canadians (and others) get to sneak under the wire if Anabin likes your school.
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    Foreign equivalency evaluator (ZAB) says:

    "The following continuing education programs were established outside of the Bologna structure until 2023 and their degrees do not correspond to the level of a German master’s degree: "

    • Master’s degree awarded after a university course (Master nach Universitätslehrgang)
    Master’s degree awarded after a continuing education course (Master nach Lehrgang zur Weiterbildung)
    • Master’s degree awarded after a higher education course (Master nach Hochschullehrgang)

    Pretty clear. There was further stuff indicating a comparability statement could be issued to say these were equal to post-grad awards. Not to German Master's degrees. There may be restrictions but the degrees are NOT propios. "We're not in Spain or Costaragua any more, Toto!" These degrees are not an "own title" thing, like a propio.
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    Not the MBA, but the only English language masters at FH Burgenland- MA in European Studies - Management of EU Projects EU

    In Slovakia, I was admitted into the Masters in General Management

    Edit: both were state schools. The Austrian was part time, while Slovakia was full time.
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    Whenever I see "Erntedankfest", I keep missing the R in the word and read it as "Entedankfest" - Duck-thanking holiday.
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    I think 'Entedankfest' comes at Chinese New Year. Thanks for Peking Duck. :)
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