How to get Proof of accreditation for TESC (BSBA) during the time of studies

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  1. saharapost

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    Hi everyone,

    It's been ages since I was here and I would love to thank everyone here and the sister forum for all the help and guidance I received towards completing my BSBA in General Management from Thomas Edison State College in 2014 before it became a university. Somehow, I am unable to access & post on the sister forum even though I successfully signed in. I kept being asked to sign in all over again.

    So, I applied to a Masters program in Germany and I am being asked by the IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, to provide them a "Proof of accreditation for the study program (BSBA) during the time of studies "

    I have written to Thomas Edison State University, however, I am not sure if the TESU should be the one to provide such document. Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Hi, Saharapost! Yeah -- it's been what - 10 years? More? I remember you very well - It's really great to see you back. In regard to your question, I think you are doing the right thing, under the circumstances. I hope you get a quick response from TESU. I'm a bit surprised that the school put the burden of proof on you - I would have thought getting this info (from TESU) was their job but what do I know? :)

    All the best with your studies and everything else in Germany. Really good schools there - and some great people.
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  3. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    Hi, Johann! :) It's really great to be back and thanks so much for the warm welcome.

    Yes, it is a bit surprising that I have to do the legwork, but I hope TESU can help out with this. I'll definitely keep you posted on what I hear from them.
  4. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    That's weird, TESU is RA and it has been for a long period of time. I wonder what they require? Maybe TESU needs to just send a document/photocopy of their accreditation. Can't IU do a confirmation or a search on their end and see?
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Well, they could, I'm sure, but they obviously don't want to -- or they wouldn't have placed the burden on Saharapost, would they? I suspect laziness on the part of low-end admin. staff, here. Happens all over, in all kinds of settings. Part of the new "work ethic" - that isn't. The entire world of work is in the "can't be bothered" era. Together with all other enterprises, many universities, world-wide, suffer from this same, pervasive syndrome.
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  6. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

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  7. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    I already sent this link via email, but they never responded. However, I got a response from TESU.
  8. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    TESU responded and I am impressed with the fast response from the office of Vice Provost and University Registrar. I am following up with IU tomorrow morning as it is already late over here to confirm receipt of the document from TESU and if the PDF attachment from TESU confirming status of my degree, accreditation of TESC and change of name is enough.
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  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

  10. Johann766

    Johann766 Active Member

    Anabin includes the old name of this institution ("bis 2015).
    However it lists the school as H+/- which means they are making distinctions regarding its accreditation status.
    I don't know anything about this school so I don't know why they are giving H+/-.
    Maybe someone here can explain more about the nature of this school.
    Maybe anabin staff can help you.
    Since IU is german they might relate to this H+/h-

    Land: USA
    Bildungsinstitution: Thomas Edison State University
    Abkürzung TESU
    Anschrift Thomas Edison State College
    111 West State Street
    Trenton, New Jersey 08608-1176

    E-Mail [email protected]
    Andere Namen für diese Institution
    Veralteter Name Thomas Edison State College (bis 2015)
    Institutionstyp Specialized Institutions/Other
    Status H +/-
  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    The school is Regionally Accredited - and one of the "Big 3" - known good schools that make it possible for a person to plan and complete the requirements for a degree of a high standard, on their own time by using RA credits they may have mostly earned elsewhere.

    The other "Big 3" schools are Charter Oak State College and Excelsior University. DI has many many threads on these schools, back to Day One, (as DI) - (2001) because they are popular with so many -- low cost, guaranteed quality and acceptability. ALL degrees awarded by "Big 3" schools are covered by their Regional Accreditation. Every one!

    This may not mean anything to Anabin but it does, to me. And it means a lot to thousands of people who hold Thomas Edison State University degrees - and Thomas Edison State College (former name) degrees. It should mean something to IU. From what we're told today, I'm pretty sure it will.
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  12. Johann766

    Johann766 Active Member

    I guess this concept doesn't fully convince Anabin and probably german state universities neither.
    Since IU is private and afaik for profit however I assume they will accept a Bachelor from this school.
  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Right. It's a guess. I can't speak for either of them. Only they can.
    BTW - As far as I know, ALL of our current DI Moderators have at least one "Big 3" degree in their portfolios. Two hold degrees from TESU, one from Charter Oak.
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  14. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    Some of TESU's degrees are not what they claim to be. Their English and History degrees appear to have CIP codes for a generic humanities degree. Their Math and Biology degrees are just "natural sciences". The Computer Science degree has the correct code, so that's fine. I suspect this is behind Anabin's reasoning. That getting a TESU math degree doesn't entitle you to continue to a German Math Master's program, while getting a TESU BACS should allow one to continue to a German Comp Sci Master's.
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  15. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I never knew. Good job.
  16. saharapost

    saharapost Member

    Though there is holiday in Germany today, so I was not able to speak with anyone at the school, but login into my admission portal, the accreditation requirement has been removed. It seems the letter from TESU issued to them yesterday was received and accepted. Using my BSBA degree from TESC, I have been accepted into two different Masters degree in Slovakia (University of Economics) and Austria (University of Applied Sciences Burgenland) in the past without problems. It was enough to provide my Apostilled transcript and certificate.
  17. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. Glückwunsch. Und viel Glück beim Lernen. (Congratulations and good luck with your studies.) :)

    And yeah - I guess it's Erntedankfest - Thanksgiving in Germany. I have a friend there and he mentioned it to me, yesterday. It's not for another week in Canada - and not till November in the US. I hope you enjoy yours.
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  18. mintaru

    mintaru Active Member

    Erntedankfest was on Sunday, Today is "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" or "Day of German Unity". On this day in 1990, East Germany desolved itself, and the five states that made up East Germany (plus the eastern half of Berlin) joint West Germany, which hereby became modern Germany.
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  19. Johann766

    Johann766 Active Member

    You were able to do a DL master in slovakia? State or private university?
    I hope the Master at FH Burgenland wasn't a MBA cause this one is not a real Master. More kind of propio
  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I just logged on to post this same info as a correction. My German friend just told me it was Re-Unification day and I looked up Erntedankfest and found it was Oct.1. Here, Thanksgiving is pretty well the whole weekend, including the Monday, which is a holiday. I just thought it might be the same in Germany, but apparently it's not. Well, anyway, German re-unification is something to give thanks for, nicht wahr? :)

    Alles Gute zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit! :)
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