How to Get a PhD (book recommendation)

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    So many people here are pursuing or considering research doctorates that I wanted to recommend a book I read recently. In some recent threads here there seems to have been an increase of interest in the UK/AUS/ZA thesis-only degrees, so it’s appropriate that it’s from some authors in the UK system. It’s called How to get a PhD by Phillips and Pugh (ISBN 0335216846). It’s by an educational consultant and an Open University professor, so they are aware of the issues that part-time and even distance learning doctoral students face. I thought the section entitled, “How Not to Get a PhD” was particularly valuable, and for some would be worth the price of the book. It discusses not really wanting a PhD, not understanding what’s required, not seeking the right supervisor, and not understanding what a thesis really is, as opposed to a long book report. These issues don’t seem to occur to many people who envision research doctorates as larger coursework-based masters with a big paper at the end. Now a good research supervisor will spell out for you what’s expected, but here’s a chance to glean some valuable information while you’re still considering starting the process. Hope it's helpful...
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    Yes, I agree with Dave's comments. The book also provides good information about research in general, the process of earning the doctorate, and what to expect in terms of supervision and examination. A good read, indeed!
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    Thanks a lot for the recommendation! :)

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