How to Complete a Business Degree at TESC for Less than University of the People

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    I hope I didn't make any mistakes this time. Again, I'll make the disclaimer that this degree plan can be made cheaper by those who can score high enough for 12 credits on a language CLEP and those who can complete 4 or more Straighterline courses in a month. This plan assumes that one will study before signing up for ALEKS so that all 4 courses can be passed within a month. Even with 3 extra months of fees at $20 per month, the plan still comes out below UotP's total cost of $4050. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm am using TESC's Per Credit Tuition Plan and using the TECEPs to satisfy the residency requirements. There are no residency requirements for TESC's two other, non-military tuition plans.

    BSBA in General Management

    General Education

    English Comp I: CLEP Composition General (6 credits) - $100
    English Comp II: Overage from CLEP - $0
    College Algebra or Quantitative Analysis: ALEKS College Algebra - $20
    Managerial Communication: Saylor Corporate Communication - $25
    Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills: ALEKS Precalculus (or Trigonometry, duplicates) - $0
    Macroeconomics: CLEP or other CBE - $100
    Microeconomics: CLEP or other CBE - $100
    Statistics: ALEKS Intro to Statistics, Business Statistics, or Statistics for Behavioral Sciences - $0

    Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, or Interdisciplinary Electives (9 credits)
    Any 6-credit liberal arts test - $100
    ALEKS Intermediate Algebra- $0

    Personal and Social Responsibility
    Diversity/Global Literacy: Any qualified test - $100
    Responsible Ethical Leadership: Any qualified test - $100
    Ethics or Diversity Elective: Any qualified test - $100

    General Education Electives (18 credits)
    Saylor Intro to Western Political Thought - $25
    Saylor Calculus I - $25
    6-credit CLEP - $100
    6-credit CLEP - $100

    Business Core
    Principles of Finance: DSST or Uexcel - $100
    Business Law: Saylor Business Law and Ethics - $25
    Business in Society: TECEP - $108
    Strategic Management: TECEP - $108
    Computer Requirement: Saylor Intro to Computer Science I - $25
    Intro to Marketing: Saylor - $25
    Principles to Financial Accounting: TECEP - $108
    Principles of Managerial Accounting: TECEP - $108

    Area of Study Options 18 credits (Credits must be in at least three areas out of Accounting, Management, Finance, and Marketing. At least 12 credits must be upper level.)
    Saylor Business Statistics (transcribed as UL Operations Management) - $25
    TECEP Federal Income Taxation – $108
    TECEP Sales Management - $108
    TECEP Advertising - $108
    TECEP Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - $108
    Any qualified business CBE - $100

    Business Electives
    6 credits from TEEX (I'm not sure if the 4 CIS credits will count, but some others do.)- $0
    Any business CBE - $100

    Free Electives
    FEMA or NFA ($0)

    Total: $2259
    With graduation, application, and technology services fee: $2745
    With transcript fees for ACE, CLEP, and DSST: $2835

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