How long do you have to wait on DSST?

Discussion in 'CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit' started by Cauble_TXSG, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Cauble_TXSG

    Cauble_TXSG Member

    Looking for some feedback. How long does it take for the student and school to receive their notification letter of the successful test result?

  2. peejcj8

    peejcj8 New Member

    The first few I took 10-15 years ago were scanned right after the test and I was given a unofficial result then, in the last few years with the computer test the results were instant also.
  3. rcreighton

    rcreighton New Member

    An online test is scored immediately. The student can see their score at the computer terminal as soon as they finish the test. It is also sent to the school at the same time although how long before they actually get around to processing the information varies by school. If you take one of the paper and pencil tests, results can take up to four weeks.

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