How Important Are Certifications?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by jimnagrom, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Re: Re: Certifications as an Investment

    And the grass always looks greener on the other side, ABD. :D
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    Re: Certifications as an Investment

    Buzz...and thank you for playing...

    Actually, no - most of my post army jobs - Allstate, Raytheon, Roosevelt - my vendors certifications tiped the scale in my favor - my competitors did not have them. In each case, the organizations clients (other company's, the DoD, and the schools students) placed a perceived value on them.

    DoD now requires for example, all worker-level IT personnel to have a certification within 6 months of hiring.

    And as always, YMMV ;)
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    As a follow-up, Bishop Knoll private school just hired a Technology Coordinator with an AAS from the CC of the AF over applicants with BA's and MA's. The differential? Network+ and A+ certifications.
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    Re: Re: Certifications as an Investment

    I hate to be the meany here, but people should just accept it as they way it is. Lets avoid a 'why is life unfair' discussion, huh?

    The fact is if you want the job and have the skills then why not get the cert? Cost. Thats weak? I got loans for my initial schooling (50.00 a month) and that got the ball rolling. Most employeers are open to helping people grow. I have never said that ceritfied people are better than non, but they SEEM to know how to play the game for success.

    I mean ultimatly for all of us its about the paystub every two weeks isnt it?
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    Re: Re: Re: Certifications as an Investment

    Not mean at all, and a nice summary ;)
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    And what you have now is the Certs and Experience which will win out almost every single time...

    another fact to consider in the IT industry...the need to work your way up takes considerable time in this industry. The money is there at higher levels, but it takes sooooo long to move up the perverbial food chain. I know alot of people that dropper out of the race so to speak because the finish line eluded them for so lon....

    CCNP is a pretty hot in the RTP area of NC.

    FYI, Research Trianle Park in NC has MORE tech jobs than anywhere in the usa except Silicon valley...
  9. Meg

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    Well said, Stock. I'm completely with you. I too feel that certification is important but along with that, one needs to modify themselves on their degrees and knowledge...that's what I feel.
  10. jimnagrom

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    How about this...You need to "play the game" - at all levels send the signal that you are the solution to their problems.

    That means dressing in a reassuring way, acting in a reassuring way, and having reassuring credentials ;)
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    This, I can live with. I'm happy to hear this. I was wondering if there was a rainbow at the end of this tunnel.
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    We hired a guy is routing certified Professional.
    He has 10 years of writing, developing routing strategies.

    We pay him $$$ USD an hour.

    He curved him self a nice specialized area, with at times multiple contracts at the same time.

    He dresses nice, talks and walks the walk.

    Also delivers in time high quality designs that are almost bug free.

    He has only As degree in Computer and Network technologies.
    But couple of good certifications.

    Not bad

  13. wannabeit

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    Not bad at all. Good for him.
  14. roopert

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    It depends on the experience level for which you are hiring. The certificates matter where less experience is required. They don't matter as much or at all where you are looking for more experience.
  15. Lerner

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    The certification varies by needs and fields, some are not as important as others.

    We would not hire or let anyone near certain systems if they are not certified. And Certification is always a plus that can help getting the job over the non certified person.

    But it is a wide area of specializations and some certs are more required than others.

    Last year we paid super bucks for DotNet Telephony CTI developers that knew and were certified on specific platforms.

  16. firstmode4c

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    Certifications in Nursing and Engineering mean a lot to those industries.

    Also, Certifications in Telecom and electrical work for field workers is usually required and the training paid for by the hiring companies.

    I remember hearing about the old days when you could be hired based off of how smart you were and how they actually WANTED to fill a blank canvas with the skills necesary for that particular job.

    Now they just want worker bees that can be easily replaced.

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